Origin: Omaha, Nebraska, USA  
Genres: 70's Metal, Hard Rock
Page online: August 23, 2011
Last update/review: August 23, 2011


From Nebraska of all places came this little-known 70's act, debuting as a power trio in 1976 with A Ninth Alive and following that up two years later with Kiss Heaven Goodbye, by which time they'd recruited a new vocalist to expand their sound. By most accounts the first album is a bit of an ordinary hard rock album and it's Kiss that often gets the long-lost-classic accolades, and that's the album reviewed here. Realizing that there wasn't a lot of real metal in 1978, this was pretty heavy stuff. Every so often early Rush comes to mind (not the modern version, of course -- think Fly By Night or Caress Of Steel era), though in general these guys were more hard rock oriented. Songs like "Prince Of The Southern Ice" would be right at home on any early NWOBHM album, and that movement was still a year away from taking hold. Like many a band over the years, the breaks didn't go their way and they disbanded some time after Kiss's release. Nevertheless, Granmax is indeed one of those gone-but-not-quite-forgotten bands that 70's fans should track down.

Last Lineup

Nick Christopher


Steve Myers


Tim McCorkle


Louis McCorkle



A Ninth Alive  
  1. Take You Away
  2. U.S. Is Coming Around
  3. Crumbling Towers
  4. Bankers Bar
  5. Find A New Day
  6. Out On The Tide
  7. Ceiling Wall
  8. Glitter Boots Boogie
  9. Let Me Know
  10. Letters To Myself
  • Steve Myers
  • Tim McCorkle
  • Louis McCorkle

Kiss Heaven Goodbye  
  1. Mistress Of Eternity
  2. Dream Woman
  3. Daughter Of Hell
  4. It's Worth The Wait
  5. Prince Of The Southern Ice
  6. This Life's For Me
  7. Respected Man
  8. Travels Of Time
  • Nick Christopher
  • Steve Myers
  • Tim McCorkle
  • Louis McCorkle

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