Origin: San Francisco, California, USA  
Genres: Progressive Metal
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Page online: February 4, 2008
Last update/review: January 6, 2021


Grayceon is one of those truly left-field, do-something-different-for-the-hell-of-it bands, off in their own world. This is a trio, consisting of a cellist, a guitarist, and a drummer, and that alone sets this band apart from practically everyone else on the planet. Many bands, particularly in the gothic genre, have toyed with adding string instruments to their sound, but it's always as a supplement to the metal instruments. Here, Jackie Perez Gratz's cello parts are not add-ons or afterthoughts -- they are the driving force of the songs, with guitarist Max Doyle adding texture rather than forced heavy riffing (in this way, his role here is similar to Larry Lalonde's in Primus), topped off by rather unconventional but quite interesting drumming by Zack Farwell. The overall style is, predictably, hard to pinpoint -- there are touches of somber doom, progressive metal, post-art-rock, but this is really a style all their own. The songs are mostly drawn-out, with interesting twists and turns that never seem forced, mostly paced on the slow side but occasionally fast and frenetic (such as the lone short track, "Song For You"). The vocals seem to almost be an afterthought, what vocals there are (with three of the four songs over eight minutes, and one of them topping out at just under twenty minutes, there are plenty of long instrumental passages) -- a semi-tuneless croon from both Jackie and Max, though with a few yelps on the aforementioned "Song For You". Given the right exposure, Grayceon could appeal to a wide variety of music fans both within and outside the metal realm -- definitely worth a listen for those looking for something truly unique.

Current Members

Max Doyle


Jackie Perez Gratz

vocals/cello (ex-Giant Squid, ex-Ludicra)

Zack Farwell

drums (ex-Giant Squid, Squalus)


2007 Vendlus
  1. Sounds Like Thunder
  2. Song For You
  3. Into The Deep
  4. Ride
  • Max Doyle
  • Jackie Perez Gratz
  • Zack Farwell

This Grand Show  
2008 Vendlus
  1. It Begins, And So It Ends
  2. Still The Desert
  3. Sleep
  4. Love Is
  5. This Grand Show Is Eternal
  • Max Doyle
  • Jackie Perez Gratz
  • Zack Farwell

All We Destroy  
  1. Dreamer Deceived
  2. Shellmounds
  3. We Can
  4. Once A Shadow
  5. A Road Less Traveled
  6. War's End
  • Max Doyle
  • Jackie Perez Gratz
  • Zack Farwell

Pearl And The End Of Days  EP
  1. Pearl
  2. The End Of Days
  • Max Doyle
  • Jackie Perez Gratz
  • Zack Farwell

  1. Sliver Moon
  2. By-the-Wind Sailors
  3. Scorpion
  4. Let it Go
  5. Slow Burn
  6. The Point of Me
  7. Pink Rose
  8. Dreamers
  • Max Doyle
  • Jackie Perez Gratz
  • Zack Farwell

Mothers Weavers Vultures  
  1. Diablo Wind
  2. The Lucky Ones
  3. This Bed
  4. And Shine On
  5. Rock Steady
  • Max Doyle
  • Jackie Perez Gratz
  • Zack Farwell

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