Origin: Norrköping, Sweden  
Genres: Doom Metal
Page online: June 2, 2013
Last update/review: June 2, 2013


Sometimes less is more. Sometimes a single sentence can sum up a topic quite nicely. For this band, that sentence is: Griftegård is a traditional doom band, in the mold of fellow Swedes Candlemass. That pretty much says all one needs to know. The album consists of six songs and it's 46 minutes long, so you know you're getting drawn-out, ponderous, epic doom metal, with solid (though not quite Messiah-quality) melodic vocals. For better or worse, there won't be a lot of surprises here, but then a lot of quality doom bands do what they do without stretching too many boundaries. If anything, these guys are slower than traditional doom, almost approaching funeral doom in spirit on tracks like "Noah's Hands" (which, ironically, is the shortest song on the album). Not earthshattering, but solid doom metal.

Current Members

Thomas Eriksson


Ola Blomkvist


Per Broddesson

guitars (ex-Wolverine, ex-Year Of The Goat)

Thomas Jansson

bass (Wolverine)

Jens Gustafsson



Psalm Bok  EP
2007 self-released
  1. Charles Taze Russell
  2. Paul Gustave Doré

Solemn, Sacred, Severe  
  1. Charles Taze Russell
  2. Punishment & Ordeal
  3. I Refuse These Ashes
  4. Noah's Hands
  5. The Mire
  6. Drunk with Wormwood
  • Thomas Eriksson
  • Ola Blomkvist
  • Per Broddesson
  • Thomas Jansson
  • Jens Gustafsson

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