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Head Control System

This project had all the makings of an something unconventional, what the interesting name, the appearance of Ulver mastermind Garm, and an album released on The End Records, and indeed, Head Control System was marching to a different beat. Essentially the solo project of one Daniel Cardoso, Murder Nature is a moody, eclectic, alt-prog-rock-metal album, with a style that might at times bring to mind fellow The End artists Age Of Silence (by no means a close soundalike, but a kindred spirit). At times quite heavy, at other times almost catchy, and still albums that takes some time and effort to absorb. This appears to be a one-time effort.

Last Lineup

Garm (Kristoffer Rygg)

vocals (ex-Arcturus, ex-Borknagar, Ulver)

Daniel Cardoso

all instruments (Anathema, ex-Sirius, Vertigo Steps)


Murder Nature  
2006 The End
  1. Baby Blue
  2. Skin Flick
  3. Masterpiece (Of Art)
  4. Blunt Instrumental
  5. It Hurts
  6. Watergate
  7. Seven
  8. Kill Me
  9. Wonderworld
  10. Rapid Eye Movement
  11. Falling On Sleep
  • Garm
  • Daniel Cardoso

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