Origin: North Carolina, USA  
Genres: Doom Metal
Page online: January 17, 2010
Last update/review: January 24, 2015

Hour Of 13

Shadow Kingdom Records is starting to make a name for itself by signing quality underground metal acts with a doom edge, and that's what we have here in Hour Of 13, a duo hailing from North Carolina. Self-described as "true original occult doom" (as good a description as any), doom metal is certainly the driving force here, sounding more like the DC bands on Hellhound than, say, Candlemass. There's also a clear NWOBHM influence in tracks such as "Grim Reality", where the mood is a bit more uptempo. The occult component brings to mind a band like Pagan Altar, and there is a definite 70's vibe here as there was in that band. This isn't blindingly original but it is solidly executed and a fine addition to a doom metal collection.

Current Members

Chad Davis


Former Members/Guests

Phil Swanson

vocals (ex-Sumerlands)


Hour Of 13  
2007 Shadow Kingdom
  1. Call to Satan
  2. Submissive to Evil
  3. The Correalatioin
  4. Endurement to the Heirs of
  5. Grim Reality
  6. Hex of Harm
  7. Allowance of Sin
  8. Missing Girl
  • Phil Swanson
  • Chad Davis

The Ritualist  
2010 Eyes Like Snow
  1. The Gathering
  2. The Ritualists
  3. Naked Star
  4. Demons All Around Me
  5. Possession
  6. Soldier of Satan
  7. Evil Inside
  8. The Crawlspace
  • Phil Swanson
  • Chad Davis

  1. Deny the Cross
  2. The Burning
  3. Rite of Samhain
  4. Spiral Vacuum
  5. Who's to Blame?
  6. Sea of Trees
  7. Lucky Bones
  • Phil Swanson
  • Chad Davis

All Hallow's Return  EP
2018 independent
  1. House of Death
  2. The Scent of Nostalgia
  3. November's Fire (Samhain cover)
  • Chad Davis

A Knell Within The Crypt  EP
2019 independent
  1. A Night of Blood
  2. The Scent of Nostalgia
  3. Bloodfeast (Samhain cover)
  4. November's Fire (Samhain cover)
  • Chad Davis

Black Magick Rites  
2020 Shadow Kingdom
  1. His Majesty of the Wood
  2. Return from the Grave
  3. House of Death
  4. Black Magick Rites
  5. Within the Pentagram
  6. Harvest Night
  7. The Mystical Hall of Dreams
  • Chad Davis

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