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Genres: Hard Rock
Last update/review: February 3, 2003

Hall Aflame

Guitarist Kurt Vanderhoof founded Metal Church in the early eighties and appeared on their first two classic albums, but by the end of the decade he tired of the touring lifestyle and retired from the band as an active member, though he continued to remain with them in a songwriting capacity. Eventually, though, the itch to play came back to him, and so Hall Aflame was born. As with any musician's solo/side project that doesn't sound exactly like said musician's main band, there was bound to be some disappointment here, as Metal Church fans expecting fierce power/thrash metal were in for a surprise. Instead, Guaranteed Forever is firmly in the hard rock camp, with some blues and Southern flavors sprinkled throughout, and featuring a fine vocal performance from Ron Lowd and the expected quality guitar work from Vanderhoof. The album got very little recognition, which is unfortunate, since it certainly has an accessible charm to it that could have led to major radio play and thus greater exposure. As it turns out, the band didn't formally survive all that long, and Vanderhoof did return to Metal Church for a time, and is now focusing on his second solo project, Vanderhoof. Both Lowd and Vanderhoof have stated that a second album has been in the works for many years and may yet see the light of day.

Last Lineup

Ron Lowd


Kurdt Vanderhoof

guitars (ex-Metal Church, ex-Vanderhoof)

Brian Smith

bass (Attacker)

Tom Weber



Guaranteed Forever  
1991 IRS
  1. Shake The Pain
  2. Child Of Medicine
  3. The Money
  4. Cold Wind
  5. No How, No Way
  6. Feed The Fire
  7. One Time Winner
  8. Pirate's Life
  9. Pray To God
  10. Slippin' Through My Fingers
  11. Another Heartbeat
  12. Country Angel
  • Ron Lowd
  • Kurdt Vanderhoof
  • Brian Smith
  • Tom Weber

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