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Genres: NWOBHM
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Handsome Beasts

The Handsome Beasts were the first signing of the indie Heavy Metal Records label (in fact, Paul Birch, a fan of the band, founded the label to release the band's first single as he couldn't secure any other label deal), and were one of the more blues-based bands of the time, not quite typical of the young NWOBHM bands that were emerging in the early 80's. They are best remembered for their hilarious Beastiality album cover, featuring largish vocalist Gary Dalloway, wearing what looks like a G-string, cavorting with an equally large pig in a sty. The band faded away in the mid-eighties, regrouped in some fashion to record a little-known second album in 1990 (apparently another album, Little Sister, was recorded but never released), and then presumably broke up again, before Dalloway put together a new version of the band in 2004. Sadly, Dalloway (by then the sole original member left) passed away in 2006, but the band continues, though they haven't recorded since Dalloway's swan song, 2007's Rock And A Hard Place.

Current Members

Kez Taylor


Alan Nyland


Mark Borland


Max McKee


Mick Robottom


Former Members/Guests

Garry Dalloway

vocals RIP: August 20, 2006, heart attack, age 53

Paul Robins


Maz Matrenko


Steve Hough


Sean Brennan


Pete Malbasa


Ray Richman



backing vocals


1981 Heavy Metal
  1. Sweeties
  2. David's Song
  3. Breaker
  4. One In A Crowd
  5. Local Heroes
  6. Another Day
  7. Crazy
  8. Tearing Me Apart
  9. High Speed
  • Garry Dalloway
  • Paul Robins
  • Steve Hough
  • Pete Malbasa

The Beast Within  
1990 Heavy Metal
  1. Mr. Mescalito
  2. Hairy Legs
  3. Way I Am
  4. Chain Gang
  5. Beast Within
  6. Rough Justice
  7. Don't Hold On
  8. Sixth Day
  9. Let It Go
  • Garry Dalloway
  • Maz Matrenko
  • Ray Richman

  1. Sickies (intro)
  2. After Blood
  3. Sweeties
  4. Local Heroes
  5. Riot
  6. Ghost In My Mind
  7. Don't Panic
  8. Did You Sleep Well
  9. Don't Talk To Strangers
  10. The Only One Who Cares For You Is Gone (aka The Dealer)
  11. Rockin' Is Ma' Business
  • Garry Dalloway
  • Alan Nyland
  • Mark Borland
  • Sean Brennan
  • Ray Richman
  • Wardi

Rock And A Hard Place  
  1. Rock and a Hard Place
  2. Animal
  3. Blood on their Hands
  4. Drama Queen
  5. One Thing More
  6. Never Before
  7. Heartbreaker
  8. Headstrong
  9. Love's a Game
  10. Piper
  11. Believe
  • Garry Dalloway
  • Alan Nyland
  • Mark Borland
  • Sean Brennan
  • Mick Robottom

Filthy Lucre  
2010 Heavy Metal
  1. After Blood
  2. I Need a Woman
  3. Gotta Be Rock 'n' Roll
  4. Mistreated
  5. The Riot
  6. Little Sister
  7. Maybe I'm in Love
  8. No Kind of Lovin'
Recorded in 1992 under the title "Little Sister".

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