Origin: Gothenburg, Sweden  
Genres: Melodic Death Metal
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Page online: February 2, 2023
Last update/review: February 2, 2023

The Halo Effect

In Flames are one of the OGs of Swedish melodic death metal, and (for better or worse), they have strayed quite a bit from their early seminal material during the latter half of their career. So when this here band The Halo Effect emerges where all members spent significant time in IF (not at the same time, though remarkably every IF album up to 2019 features at least one of these guys), the obvious question is, how much do they sound like In Flames, old or new? YMMV, but to these ears Days Of The Lost is no The Jester Race in style, but the style here does resemble mid-period In Flames, with an accessible form of melodeath executed cleanly, if lacking in straying too far from the formula. It's all a bit safe, which is probably not surprising and also in line with previous supergroup-ish projects like this where it takes some time to find their footing and establish an original voice. Days Of The Lost does the job and is a fine, if not spectacular, melodeath debut.

Current Members

Mikael Stanne

vocals (Dark Tranquillity, ex-In Flames)

Jesper Strömblad

guitars (CyHra, Dimension Zero, ex-HammerFall, ex-In Flames, ex-The Resistance, ex-Sinergy)

Niclas Engelin

guitars (Engel, ex-Gardenian, ex-In Flames, ex-Passenger)

Peter Iwers

bass (ex-CyHra, ex-In Flames)

Daniel Svensson

drums (ex-In Flames)


Days Of The Lost  
2022 Nuclear Blast
  1. Shadowminds
  2. Days of the Lost
  3. The Needless End
  4. Conditional
  5. In Broken Trust
  6. Gateways
  7. A Truth Worth Lying For
  8. Feel What I Believe
  9. Last of Our Kind
  10. The Most Alone
  • Mikael Stanne
  • Jesper Strömblad
  • Niclas Engelin
  • Peter Iwers
  • Daniel Svensson

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