Origin: Baltimore, Maryland, USA  
Genres: Thrash Metal
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Last update/review: March 3, 2005

Have Mercy

Have Mercy was a promising technical thrash band from the Baltimore area, whose style featured complex riffing and high-pitched but well-executed vocals. After a couple of demos and an appearance on Metal Massacre 7 they signed to Combat Records as part of their Boot Camp Series (which basically consisted of releasing vinyl EPs with no cover artwork), which resulted in the Armageddon Descends EP. Several lineup changes ensued, and two later demos were recorded, but they failed to land a recordiing contract and so they disbanded in 1988. Rob Michael and John Grden (one of the post-EP members) appeared in Fear Of God, while Tom Maxwell was later seen in Nothingface.

Last Lineup

Lonnie Fletcher


Tom Maxwell

guitars (Hellyeah, ex-Nothingface)

Nick Ellingson


Rob Michael

bass (ex-Fear Of God)

John Knoerlein


Former Members/Guests

John Brenner

guitars (Against Nature, ex-Revelation)


Armageddon Descends  EP
1986 Combat
  1. Intro
  2. Mass Destruction
  3. City Of Doom
  4. Holy Dismissal
  5. Faces Of Death
  6. No Forgiveness
  • Lonnie Fletcher
  • Tom Maxwell
  • Nick Ellingson
  • Rob Michael
  • John Knoerlein

The Years Of Mercy  COMPILATION
2005 Marquee
  1. Show me your rage
  2. Haunted House
  3. Death Watch
  4. The End
  5. Have Mercy
  6. Slayer
  7. Mass Destruction
  8. The Omen
  9. Holy Dismissal
  10. City of Doom
  11. An Introit to Evil
  12. Hells Haven
  13. Sacrament of the Sick
  14. In Misery
  15. Solemnly Sworn
  16. Vendetta
  17. Bedlam
  18. Nuclear Crucifixion

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