Origin: Rimini, Italy  
Genres: Black Metal
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Hate Profile

Hate Profile is the project led by one Amon 418, who started the venture in 1998 and, after working with various members for some time, proceeded as a solo project. He eventually joined Hortus Animae, recruiting noted session drummer Grom (also in Hortus Animae, among other projects) to complete the 2005 debut album, Opus 1: The Khaos Hatefile. Black metal is the basis here, with a style much more rooted in modern Norwegian black metal than the more experimental Hortus Animae. Though this isn't blindingly original or vastly different than a lot of black metal releases, it's a solid first effort, and well above average for the genre. A followup, Opus II, with a new drummer, was released some eight years later.

Current Members

Amon 418 (Fabio Bartolini)

vocals/guitars/bass (ex-Hortus Animae)

M:A Fog (Massimo Altomare)

drums (Dead To This World, ex-Mortuary Drape, Opera IX)

Former Members/Guests

Grom (Diego Meraviglia)

drums (Ancient, ex-DoomSword, Hortus Animae)


Opus I: The Khaos Hatefile  
2005 Cruz Del Sur
  1. Chapter 0: Demons In Me (Intro to Inferno)
  2. Chapter 1: Bleeding Black Heart
  3. Chapter 2: Veils That Blind
  4. Chapter 3: The Darkened Angel
  5. Chapter 4: The Day My Feathers Fell
  6. Chapter 5: 17 Empty Rooms
  7. Chapter 66: The Khaos Hatefile
  8. Chapter 7: Recall To Nothing
  9. Chapter 8: Lapse Of Perfection -Pralâya-
  • Amon 418
  • Grom

Opus II: The Soul Proceeds  
  1. The Great Outrage
  2. Spiritual Death
  3. The Soul Proceeds
  4. Among the Dead
  5. Hearts in Turmoil
  6. He
  7. Cosmos Violation
  8. Entropic Chaos Release
  9. Ancestral Abode - Hyperborea
  • Amon 418
  • M:A Fog

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