Origin: Cleveland, Ohio, USA  
Last update/review: June 21, 2005


Hatrix was an Ohio-based band that formed around 1989 or so, following the departure of vocalist Jeff Hatrix from Purgatory. On collisioncoursewithnoplace the band mixes Pantera influences (both vocally and in the guitarwork) with a more traditional power/thrash metal base. The band had a strong local following but for whatever reason never broke into the mainstream. Hatrix (the man) and a few others from the group later made a name for themselves in Mushroomhead (in fact, the debut Mushroomhead show was in 1995, immediately following a Hatrix show). As Mushroomhead flourished, Hatrix the band faded away, though even as late as 2005 the original five members played some reunion shows.

Last Lineup

Jeff Hatrix

vocals (ex-Mushroomhead, ex-Purgatory)

Dave Felton

guitars (ex-Mushroomhead)

Kevin Skelly


Steve Felton

drums (Mushroomhead)

Marko Vukcevich

guitars (ex-Mushroomhead)


  1. It's Not Hard To Hate
  2. Bad Religion
  3. No One
  4. Status
  5. Sick Of Myself
  6. Joyride
  7. My Asylum *
  8. Dick's Night Out *
  9. Donate *
  10. Attitudes *
  11. Electric Shock *
  12. Unnatural Rip *
  • Jeff Hatrix
  • Dave Felton
  • Kevin Skelly
  • Steve Felton

1994 Massacre
  1. It's Not Hard To Hate
  2. Bad Religion
  3. My Asylum
  4. Psychoface
  5. Deprivation
  6. No One
  7. Status
  8. Soul Shock
  9. Sick Of Myself
  10. Reason To Be
  11. Subliminal
  12. What Comes Around
  13. Joyride
  • Jeff Hatrix
  • Dave Felton
  • Kevin Skelly
  • Steve Felton

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