Origin: Wellsville, Ohio, USA  
Genres: Black Metal
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Side project, alter ego, or simply a separate band with identical membership -- whatever the case, Haxxan released their sole album in 2016, with the band members being the entire then-current lineup of seminal gore/death metallers Necrophagia. But the similarity ends with membership, as Loch Ness Rising is a mid-paced, second-wave black metal album, and a quite good one at that, concentrating not on blastbeats but a slightly laid-back, almost black-n-roll feel. Necrophagia officially disbanded in 2018 when founder/vocalist Killjoy passed away in 2016, but it is unknown whether this band is still active.

Current Members

Shawn Slusarek

guitars (ex-Necrophagia)

Jake Arnette

bass (ex-Necrophagia)

Serge Streltsov

drums (ex-Necrophagia)

Former Members/Guests

Frank Pucci

vocals (ex-Necrophagia, ex-The Ravenous, ex-Viking Crown) RIP: March 18, 2018, age 48


Loch Ness Rising  
2016 Hell's Headbangers
  1. Loch Ness Rising
  2. 93
  3. A?A? (Arcanum Arcanorum)
  4. Babalon
  5. Aiwass
  6. Disciples of the Silent
  7. Chemical Perversions
  8. The Blackest Chasm
  9. Beyond the Grace of God
  10. The Aethyr
  • Frank Pucci
  • Shawn Slusarek
  • Jake Arnette
  • Serge Streltsov

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