Origin: Austria  
Genres: Black Metal
Last update/review: October 18, 2005


Heidenreich was a solo project for Abigor mainman Peter Kubik, an avenue to experiment a bit while still residing in the black metal camp. There are some interesting ideas to be found (particularly on the Unholy Union album), but on the other hand the relatively simplistic drum programming gives the output an unfinished, demo-quality sound rather than a fully realized product. Kubik disbanded the project around 2000, though there have been reports that he may yet record again under the Heidenreich name.

Last Lineup


vocals (ex-Abigor)

Peter Kubic

all instruments (ex-Abigor)

Lucia M. Faroutan



A Death Gate Cycle  
1998 Napalm
  1. A Death Gate Cycle
  2. The Prophet's Sacrifice
  3. Frozen Tears
  4. Todeswunsch
  5. The Goat Shrine
  6. Memories of a Descending Moon
  • Thurisaz
  • Peter Kubic

Trance Of An Unholy Union  
1999 Napalm
  1. An Incarnations Dream
  2. Cosmic Reflections
  3. The Shadoweaver
  4. The Slumbering Terror
  5. Grim and bitter heart
  6. Trance of an unholy Union
  7. Das Astrale Element
  8. Heart Of Midnight/Genocide
  • Thurisaz
  • Peter Kubic
  • Lucia M. Faroutan

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