Origin: Sweden  
Genres: Black Metal
Page online: February 22, 2008
Last update/review: February 22, 2008


More than any other metal genre, black metal has lent itself to one-man bands, going back as far as the mighty Bathory. Heresi is, like Bathory, a Swedish one-man black metal band (led by one Skamfer), keeping very true to old-school black metal goodness. Of the five tracks on Psalm II, four are pretty much the same tempo, that being speedy and blastbeat-friendly, with only opener Liothe opting for a slower pace. This isn't going to change the black metal world, as really it's pretty standard and true to the cause, but it's quite well executed for the style.

Current Members


vocals/all instruments


Psalm I  EP
  1. Civitate Dei - Ondskans Hov
  2. Deus Absconditus
  3. Efter Själens Stympning
  • Skamfer

Psalm II  
  1. Liothe
  2. Bevingad Och Försedd Med Horn
  3. Dionyssosinitiationen
  4. Prosairesis
  5. Infusco Ignis
  • Skamfer

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