Origin: Italy  
Genres: Black Metal
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Page online: July 19, 2004
Last update/review: February 21, 2018

Hortus Animae

Hortus Animae is an Italian black metal band that was formed in 1997, and, as evidenced by their recent Waltzing Mephisto release, they are a band with quite a bit of promise. Black metal is the root of their style, but they toss in several other elements and ideas (among them, prog and gothic metal) to forge a relatively diverse style. Fusing Mayhem and Mike Oldfield in a single song is notable in itself, and an indication that the band isn't afraid to try something different. Waltzing Mephisto is a highly recommended symphonic black metal album, but the best may be yet to come for these guys.

Current Members

Martyr Lucifer


Hypnos (Gianluca Bacchilega)


MG Desmadre






Grom (Diego Meraviglia)

drums (Ancient, ex-DoomSword, ex-Hate Profile)

Former Members/Guests

Amon 418 (Fabio Bartolini)

guitars/keyboards (Hate Profile)

Thomas Ghirardelli


GL Ghore (guest)



The Melting Idols  
  1. Luciferian Twilight
  2. The Bless Of Eternal Bleeding
  3. Cruciatus Tacitus
  4. Spell & Devotion (Impromptu Opus I)
  5. The Melting Idols I) - Prisoners Of Dusk
  6. The Melting Idols II) - Beholding The Death Of His Son
  7. The Melting Idols III) - Fallen Angel's Mourning Silences
  8. Even Death Is Useless
  • Martyr Lucifer
  • Bless
  • Thomas Ghirardelli

Waltzing Mephisto  
2003 Black Lotus
  1. Enter
  2. A Lifetime Obscurity Part I
  3. A Lifetime Obscurity Part II
  4. Springtime Deaths
  5. Souls Of The Cold Wind
  6. Welcome The Godless
  7. Freezing Moon Including Terzo Incontro And Tubular Bells
  8. A Feeble Light Of Hope
  • Martyr Lucifer
  • Hypnos
  • Bless
  • Grom

The Blow Of Furious Winds  
2005 Sleaszy Rider
  1. Chapter One: Furious Winds / Locusts
  2. Chapter Two: The Mud And The Blood / Funeral Nation
  3. Chapter Three: The Heartfelt Murder
  4. Chapter Four: The Virgin Whore
  5. Chapter Five: In Adoration Of The Weeping Skies
  6. Chapter Six: Across The Sea Of Pain
  7. Chapter Seven: Bible Black
  8. Chapter Eight: A Gothic Ghost / The Death Of All Beauty
  9. Chapter Nine: Garden Of Fairies
  10. Appendix 1: The Fairy Fellers Masterstroke / Nevermore
  11. Appendix 2: Windfall / Summoning Of The Muse
  • Martyr Lucifer
  • Hypnos
  • Amon 418
  • Bless
  • Grom

Funeral Nation / 10 Years Of Hortus Animae  COMPILATION
2008 Sleaszy Rider

2012 Thrash Corner
  1. Furious Winds / Locusts
  2. The Mud and the Blood / Funeral Nation
  3. The Heartfelt Murder
  4. The Virgin Whore
  5. In Adoration of the Weeping Skies
  6. Across the Sea of Pain
  7. Bible Black
  8. A Gothic Ghost / The Death of All Beauty
  9. Garden of Fairies
  10. The Fairy Feller's Master-Stroke / Nevermore
  11. Windfall introducing Summoning of the Muse
  12. Freezing Moon including Terzo Incontro and Tubular Bells

Secular Music  
  1. God and His Disgusting Children
  2. Blood of the Earth / The Truth Against the World
  3. Dystopian Apocalypse
  4. At the End of Doomsday
  5. The Poison of the Naga
  6. Impromptu Op. II / Pain Relieved
  7. Chamber of Endless Nightmares
  8. Aqualung (Jethro Tull cover)
  • Martyr Lucifer
  • Hypnos
  • Bless
  • Grom

There's No Sanctuary  EP
  1. There's No Sanctuary
  2. Blashyrkh (Mighty Ravendark)
  3. Dunkelheit
  4. Inno A Satana
  5. Pure Fucking Armageddon
  6. There's No Sanctuary [Martyr Sway remix]
  7. There's No Sanctuary [edit version]

Piove Sangue - Live In Bansk√° Bystrica  LIVE
  1. Furious Winds / Locusts
  2. Chamber of Endless Nightmares
  3. Doomsday
  4. Medley: I - In Adoration of the Weeping Skies, II - Cruciatus Tacitus, III - Souls of the Cold Wind
  5. There's No Sanctuary
  6. Raining Blood
  • Martyr Lucifer
  • Hypnos
  • MG Desmadre
  • Adamant
  • Bless
  • GL Ghore

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