Origin: Los Angeles, California, USA  
Genres: Thrash Metal
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Last update/review: December 20, 2012

Holy Terror

Holy Terror was formed by former Agent Steel guitarist Kurt Colfelt (though his name here is spelled "Kilfelt" for some reason) and ex-Dark Angel drummer Jack Schwarz, who left before the first album. The band played energetic thrash, similar to some of the Bay Area bands of that era, and both of their albums were quite highly regarded at the time. After years away from the scene, a modified lineup led by Colfelt and drummer Joe Mitchell emerged in 2005, but that version of the band eventually broke up as well.

Last Lineup

Keith Deen

vocals RIP: December 13, 2012, cancer

Kurt Colfelt

guitars (ex-Agent Steel)

Mike Alvord


Floyd Flanary


Joe Mitchell



Terror And Submission  
1987 Under One Flag
  1. Evil's Rising
  2. Mortal Fear
  3. Distant Calling
  4. Alpha-Omega-the Bringer of Balance
  5. Blood of the Saints
  6. Black Plague
  7. Terror & Submission
  8. Tomorrow's End
  9. Guardians of the Netherworld
  • Keith Deen
  • Kurt Colfelt
  • Mike Alvord
  • Floyd Flanary
  • Joe Mitchell

Mind Wars  
1988 Under One Flag
  1. Judas Reward
  2. Debt Of Pain
  3. The Immortal Wasteland
  4. A Fools Gold (Terminal Humor) Mindwars
  5. Damned By Judges
  6. Do Into Others
  7. No Ressurection
  8. Christian Resistance
  • Keith Deen
  • Kurt Colfelt
  • Mike Alvord
  • Floyd Flanary
  • Joe Mitchell

2006 Blackend
  1. A Fools Gold/Terminal Humor
  2. Christian Resistance
  3. Damned by Judges
  4. No Resurrection
  5. Evils Rising
  6. Mortal Fear
  7. Distant Calling
  8. Alpha Omega (The Bringer of Balance)
  9. Blood of the Saints
  10. Black Plague
  11. Terror & Submission
  12. Tomorrow's End
  13. Guardians of the Netherworld
  14. Black Plague
  15. Evils Rising
  16. Judas Reward
  17. Debt of Pain
  18. Distant Calling
  19. Christian Resistance
  20. Blood of the Saints
  21. Immortal Wasteland
  22. Alpha Omega
  23. Do unto Others
  24. Christian Resistance
  25. Alpha Omega
  26. Judas Reward
  27. Black Plague

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