Origin: Highland Park, California, USA  
Genres: Traditional Metal
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Page online: January 16, 2016
Last update/review: January 16, 2016


This SoCal band generated quite a bit of buzz surrounding their debut full-album release in 2012 (Spell Eater), thanks to quite a bit of promotion from Napalm Records proclaiming them a potential Next Big Thing. The jury's still out on that, but the band has been making some noise. The focal point, both visually and musically, is singer Jill Janus, with reviews and opinions all over the place. Interestingly, though, her performance has varied from album to album -- on Spell Eater, she shrieks and screams at every opportunity, while on the followup Starbound Beast she retains her higher pitches but sounds less forced, less screechy, and altogether more controlled as a singer. Musically, Huntress plays a thrashy power metal style with traditional metal roots that's more retro than not, but not sounding too dated. It's a pretty familiar sound, the band isn't a trendsetter but rather one upholding the name of true metal.

Current Members

Blake Meahl


Eli Santana

guitars (Holy Grail)

Tyler Meahl

drums (Holy Grail, ex-White Wizzard)

Former Members/Guests

Jill Janus

vocals RIP: August 14, 2018, suicide, age 43

Ant Crocamo


Greg Imhoff


Eric Harris

bass (Gygax, ex-Gypsyhawk, ex-Skeletonwitch)

Ian Alden


Sean Ford


Carl Wierzbicky



Off With Her Head  EP
2010 self-released
  1. Off with Her Head
  2. Hollow Hills
  3. Creeper
  • Jill Janus
  • Blake Meahl
  • Greg Imhoff
  • Ian Alden
  • Sean Ford

Spell Eater  
2012 Napalm
  1. Spell Eater
  2. Senicide
  3. Sleep and Death
  4. Snow Witch
  5. Eight of Swords
  6. Aradia
  7. Night Rape
  8. Children
  9. Terror
  10. The Tower
  11. The Dark
  • Jill Janus
  • Blake Meahl
  • Eric Harris
  • Ian Alden
  • Carl Wierzbicky

Starbound Beast  
2013 Napalm
  1. Enter the Exosphere
  2. Blood Sisters
  3. I Want to Fuck You to Death
  4. Destroy Your Life
  5. Starbound Beast
  6. Zenith
  7. Oracle
  8. Receiver
  9. Spectra Spectral
  10. Alpha Tauri
  • Jill Janus
  • Blake Meahl
  • Ant Crocamo
  • Ian Alden
  • Carl Wierzbicky

2015 Napalm
  1. Sorrow
  2. Flesh
  3. Brian
  4. I Want to Wanna Wake Up
  5. Mania
  6. Four Blood Moons
  7. Static
  8. Harsh Times on Planet Stoked
  9. Noble Savage
  10. Fire in My Heart
  11. Black Tongue
  12. Vultures Can Wait
  • Jill Janus
  • Blake Meahl
  • Eli Santana
  • Tyler Meahl

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