Origin: Chicago, Illinois, USA  
Genres: Metalcore, Thrash Metal
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Last update/review: June 26, 2015


Hurtlocker formed in 1998 and after several years of moving up the local ranks, have finally released their debut album, Fear In A Handful Of Dust, in 2005 on Napalm Records (an atypical signing for a label that normally specializes in Euro gothic bands). Handful Of Dust isn't quite the standard metalcore release, as musically it's more rooted in vicious old-school thrash (bordering on death metal riffing), though the vocals are unmistakeably in the metalcore style. The vocals are one-dimensional even by hardcore standards, rendering the songs very samey, but there's no shortage of potent thrash riffs here, as well as generally tight musicianship and a fine, crunchy production. They managed a followup two years later but have since broken up.

Last Lineup

Grant Belcher


Tim Moe


Justin Jurgevich


Chris Djuricic

bass (ex-Jungle Rot, ex-Novembers Doom)

Tony Bettenhausen


Former Members/Guests

Pete Manzella


Dan Manzella


Dan Ditella

drums RIP: October 18, 2006, rehab complications


Fear In A Handful Of Dust  
2005 Napalm
  1. Symptoms
  2. Absolution
  3. Painted Red
  4. I Am Everything...NOTHING
  5. Goddamn Reflection
  6. No One. Now What?
  7. The End of an Age
  8. I Don't Need You
  9. Lie to Me
  10. Already Inside
  • Grant Belcher
  • Tim Moe
  • Pete Manzella
  • Dan Manzella
  • Dan Ditella

Embrace The Fall  
2007 Napalm
  1. I Am Napalm
  2. They
  3. At Last
  4. Let Them Die
  5. Disgust
  6. Outside Are The Dogs
  7. Release Of Sin
  8. Destroying Bliss
  9. Deserving
  10. Embrace The Fall
  • Grant Belcher
  • Tim Moe
  • Justin Jurgevich
  • Chris Djuricic
  • Tony Bettenhausen

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