Origin: Uppsala, Sweden  
Genres: Thrash Metal
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Page online: January 25, 2011
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More retro thrash here, though from a country (Sweden) that doesn't often go for this sort of thing, and a style that is a bit more Germanic and adventurous than the Exodus-worship that a lot of these bands are doing these days. Thrash, Kill 'n' Destroy is a pretty frenzied affair, bordering on crossover at times and often tries to be a bit more technical than it should -- technical thrash demands a level of tightness in the musicianship and this is rather loosely played. And with the word "thrash" appearing in no less than nine tracks spread over their first two albums, it appears that Immaculate are in for a bit of moshing fun rather than anything serious. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Current Members

Mika Eronen


Nino Vukovic


Fadi Ghanime


Daniel Kallin


Oscar Moritz


Former Members/Guests

Andreas Bolldén



Thrash, Kill, 'n' Destroy  
2007 Witches Brew
  1. Into The Pits of Thrash
  2. Satanic Thrash Uppsala
  3. Yakuza
  4. T.K.N.D. (You Figure it Out)
  5. Thrash (Or Die Trying)
  6. Instant Hell Murder
  7. Leveled to the Ground (By a Steamroller)
  8. ThrashZilla
  9. ThrashZilla's Revenge
  10. MechaNukeThrashZilla
  • Mika Eronen
  • Nino Vukovic
  • Fadi Ghanime
  • Andreas Bolldén

Atheist Crusade  
2010 StormSpell
  1. Cross of Nero
  2. Thrashark
  3. The Immaculate Dead
  4. Sanity's Eclipse/Steel of the Missionary
  5. Atheist Crusade
  6. Thrash Metal Avenger
  7. The Apparition (Fates Warning Cover)
  8. Gutterthrash
  • Mika Eronen
  • Nino Vukovic
  • Fadi Ghanime
  • Daniel Kallin
  • Oscar Moritz

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