Origin: Sheffield, England  
Genres: Traditional Metal, Thrash Metal
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Page online: January 15, 2017
Last update/review: January 15, 2017


Immension is an as-yet unsigned English band, releasing a couple of EPs in 2007 and 2013 before recording In Vain in 2015. Their style mixes modern thrash with a more accessible traditional metal edge (Trivium and later-period Metallica are frequently and accurately named as soundalikes). Production and musicianship scores are high, particularly for an indie release, it's clear their early years have helped them hone their sound. Truth be told, there's nothing wrong, and a lot right, with In Vain, but band might struggle to find an identity as time goes on.

Current Members

Jake Kearsley


Tim Dolan


Jonni Sowter


Former Members/Guests

Chubbs (Hasan Ahmed)


Matt Trueman



Abandon All Hope Those Who Oppose  EP
2007 independent
  1. Violence As A Way Of Life
  2. Our Darkest Hour
  3. A New Generation
  4. Damnation

The Enemy Within  EP
2013 independent
  1. The Enemy Within
  2. Forevermore
  3. All That Remains
  4. In the Dead of Winter
  • Jake Kearsley
  • Tim Dolan
  • Chubbs
  • Matt Trueman

In Vain  
2016 earMUSIC
  1. In Vain
  2. The Fantasy
  3. All That Remains
  4. Lost & Forgotten
  5. In the Dead of Winter
  6. Shadow of Yourself
  7. Love Never Dies
  8. The Enemy Within
  9. The Father You Will Never Be
  • Jake Kearsley
  • Tim Dolan
  • Jonni Sowter

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