Origin: Netherlands  
Genres: Progressive Metal
Last update/review: April 30, 2005


If Watchtower and Dream Theater represent opposite ends of the progressive metal field (as they did once upon a time), then Imperium might lie midway between the two, more thrashy and less melodic than DT but not quite approaching the frenetic style of Watchtower. A good if not outstanding first effort, Too Short A Season showed some potential, but the band never recorded again. They did play a reunion show in March of 2004.

Last Lineup

Andre Vuurboom

vocals (ex-Sun Caged)

Michel Cerrone


Rob Cerrone


Remko Nijkamp


Patrick Gerritzen



Too Short A Season  
1993 Intercord
  1. Silenced
  2. To The Things That Were
  3. Too Short A Season
  4. Slip Of The Tongue
  5. Play Of Compassion
  6. Chemical Dreams
  7. Left Meaningless
  8. Messiah Mask
  9. Awakening
  • Andre Vuurboom
  • Michel Cerrone
  • Rob Cerrone
  • Remko Nijkamp
  • Patrick Gerritzen

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