Origin: Constanta, Romania  
Genres: Gothic Metal, Doom Metal
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Last update/review: December 2, 2012

Interitus Dei

Interitus Dei represents the welcome addition of another country to the BNR Metal Pages, this band being the first Romanian band on the site. Originally a hardcore band when they first formed in the mid-nineties, they soon mutated to their present style, that being an ambitious, eclectic folky gothic semi-doom blend, featuring plenty of violins and gruff male vocals intertwined with an almost operatic female alto voice from lead vocalist Ana. From an originality standpoint, they're in the middle, neither completely original nor really derivative of anyone else either. Unholy, their third album (and only one reviewed here) is impressive in its maturity, and a welcome addition to the gothic metal field.

Current Members

Adrian Galu


Cristi Tentu


Ruhan Terente

rhythm guitar

Bogdan Boeru


Sebastian Macovei


Former Members/Guests

Ana Mladinovici


Max Chelaru


Bogdan Costea

lead guitar

Adi Stavian


Ionut Micu


Adrian Mihai


Cristi Barla


Marian Mihaila



Lonely White Idols  
1998 Bestial
  1. The Storm
  2. Lonely white idols
  3. Winter nights
  4. My own hell
  5. Heroes
  6. Seth
  7. The Human God
  8. Shadowland
  • Ana Mladinovici
  • Cristi Tentu
  • Max Chelaru
  • Bogdan Boeru
  • Adi Stavian
  • Ionut Micu

The End Of Revelation  
  1. How low?
  2. The stone athame
  3. Her sins
  4. Inside
  5. My demons
  6. Eclectic heart
  7. Interitus Dei
  8. The previous end
  9. The end of revelation
  10. We rock
  • Ana Mladinovici
  • Bogdan Costea
  • Bogdan Boeru
  • Adrian Mihai

  1. Isis enthroned
  2. Queen of the undead
  3. Forbidden epitaph
  4. Berzekir
  5. 1390
  6. Fear
  7. Demonic
  8. Bats in the attic
  9. Estuans interius
  10. Moondust
  11. Glory
  12. In praise of Lilith
  • Ana Mladinovici
  • Bogdan Costea
  • Ruhan Terente
  • Bogdan Boeru
  • Cristi Barla

In Motion ...  
  1. In Motion...
  2. When the Metal meets the Flesh
  3. Pagan and Proud
  4. Rain of Fire
  5. The Portrait of Pain
  6. Lord of Flies
  7. Arabia
  8. Strained
  9. The Memories of the Snake
  10. Deny Denial
  11. Hasta siempre comandante Che Guevara
  • Adrian Galu
  • Cristi Tentu
  • Ruhan Terente
  • Bogdan Boeru
  • Marian Mihaila

  1. Crowd
  2. Riddles of the Dead
  3. Lux in Tenebris
  4. Striga
  5. Travel with the Sun
  6. Cards of Destiny
  7. Tubhal Qayin
  8. Evil Twin
  9. A Picture in the Pocket
  10. It Begins!
  • Adrian Galu
  • Cristi Tentu
  • Ruhan Terente
  • Bogdan Boeru
  • Sebastian Macovei

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