Origin: Knoxville, Tennessee, USA  
Genres: Doom Metal
Page online: March 12, 2016
Last update/review: March 12, 2016


In-Graved is a solo project for guitarist Victor Griffin, a man who needs no introduction to the underground doom scene. As the main guitarist in the mighty Pentagram as well as fronting his own band Place Of Skulls later on, Griffin has always delivered the goods. Here, he takes a slight step back from the classic doom of his earlier efforts toward a more relaxed, doomy 70's hard rock style, somewhat more in the mold of his earlier solo album (2004's Late To An Early Grave, in fact two songs here originally appeared on that album). There's still plenty of classic Griffin riffing and heaviness, but also a more restrained feel, as well as some interesting diversions such as a nice cover of the Jethro Tull classic "Teacher". Griffin plays all the guitars of course and also capably sings, the project rounded out by old friend Pete Campbell on drums and a bevy of guest bass players, some also well known in the scene (Ron Holzner of Trouble, Guy Pinhas of The Obsessed, and Griffin's Pentagram mate Greg Turley, to name three). Doom fans can't go wrong here.

Current Members

Victor Griffin

vocals/guitars (ex-Pentagram, Place Of Skulls)

Pete Campbell

drums (ex-Gygax, The Mighty Nimbus, ex-Pentagram, ex-Sixty Watt Shaman)


2013 Svart
  1. Digital Critic
  2. What If ...
  3. Late for an Early Grave
  4. Fading Flower
  5. Thorn in the Flesh
  6. Teacher (Jethro Tull cover)
  7. Love Song for the Dying
  8. Never Surrender
  • Victor Griffin
  • Pete Campbell

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