Origin: Phoenix, Arizona, USA  
Genres: Traditional Metal
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Last update/review: September 1, 2015


Not a lot is known about this band, who released a hard-to-find debut in 1988 and apparently didn't record again for eight years, when Closure was released in Japan (though apparently an even rarer EP was released in 1990). They had an inventive power metal style, sometimes reminiscient of Metal Church, really deserving of more exposure then they got. Soon after the release of Closure were reports that the band had folded and a new band (by the name of Sack) had formed in its place, but evidently nothing came of this.

Last Lineup

Lee Dehmer Jr.


Michael Mellinger


Garrett Craddock


Mike McLaughlin


Christopher Binns


Former Members/Guests

Garrett Graupner


Ron Crawford


Joel Stern



1988 No Wimp
  1. Ahead Of The Game
  2. Hit The Streets
  3. Compo
  4. Rip!!
  5. Possessor
  6. No Return
  7. Leaving Insane
  8. Wasted Life
  • Garrett Graupner
  • Michael Mellinger
  • Ron Crawford
  • Joel Stern
  • Christopher Binns

Distortion Of Perspective  EP
1990 Cheese Flag
  1. Distortion Of Perspective
  2. Sail Into The Sun
  3. Piracy
  4. Maximator
  5. Fear And Loathing
  • Lee Dehmer Jr.
  • Michael Mellinger
  • Garrett Craddock
  • Joel Stern
  • Christopher Binns

1996 Teichiku
  1. The Wheel
  2. Up For The Slam
  3. BKB
  4. 3x0
  5. Falling In
  6. End Times
  7. Nothing Special
  8. I Still Feel Ya
  9. Bystander
  10. Someone's Gotta Pay
  11. Try My Luck
  12. Visceral
  13. Brutally Frank
  14. The Reasons Why
  15. Who Goes There?
  • Lee Dehmer Jr.
  • Michael Mellinger
  • Garrett Craddock
  • Mike McLaughlin
  • Christopher Binns

2015 Divebomb
  1. State Of The Union
  2. Fight No More
  3. Die Trying
  4. On Gossamer Wings
  5. Pillar Of Fire
  6. Mourn For Her
  7. The Vicious Circle
  8. Denial
  9. Yikes!
  10. Inner Sanctum
  11. Dazed & Confused
  12. Too Late, But Not Forgotten
  • Lee Dehmer Jr.
  • Michael Mellinger
  • Garrett Craddock
  • Mike McLaughlin
  • Christopher Binns

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