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Kryst The Conqueror

The Kryst The Conqueror EP was released to very little fanfare in 1990, a rather mysterious album that seemingly no one knew much about. In fact this was the metal band formed in 1987 by Jerry Only and Doyle, brothers and former members of the infamous punk band Misfits. They hired noted Yngwie Malmsteen vocalist Jeff Scott Soto to sing for them (as he was still under contract with Yngwie, he was billed as Kryst The Conqueror himself) and an entire album, Deliver Us From Evil was recorded, but for some reason the album was not released as such, instead five songs from that recording were released as the self-titled EP. Though they never played live and in essence were a band in name only, Kryst The Conqueror survived until the mid-nineties, when the two brothers went back to the reformed Misfits. The songs on the EP are interesting and not bad at all -- not really punky (though pretty raw in places) and certainly nothing like the Malmsteen material that Soto was a part of at the time.

Last Lineup

Kryst The Conqueror (Jeff Scott Soto)

vocals (ex-Yngwie Malmsteen, ex-Axel Rudi Pell, ex-Skrapp Mettle, Sons Of Apollo)

Doyle (Paul Caiafa)

guitars (ex-Misfits)

Mo The Great (Jerry Caiafa)

bass (Misfits)

The Murp



Kryst The Conqueror  EP
  1. Thunder Thruster –
  2. In God We Trust –
  3. Trial Of The Soul –
  4. March Of The Mega-Mites –
  5. Spellbound –
  • Kryst The Conqueror
  • Doyle
  • Mo The Great
  • The Murp

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