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Genres: Eclectic Metal
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Last update/review: November 27, 2021

Kayo Dot

Kayo Dot's relevance to metal is tenuous at best. This is the followup band to Maudlin Of The Well, a group that, though fascinating in its own right, was only occasionally in the metal world. At one time Kayo Dot featured several of Maudlin's members (in addition to those below, several others in supporting roles), and the style here is a clear extension to what Maudlin was doing, but not surprisingly it's even less metallic in the traditional sense, instead focusing on drawn-out, classically oriented semi-ambient soundscapes, often with a very dischordant tone, with a multitude of eclectic instruments in the mix, difficult to describe particularly within a normal rock/metal context. Their albums have consistently garnered outstanding reviews, and the reviews are justified, as this is really an elaborate, complex listen -- just don't expect to do any headbanging.

Current Members

Toby Driver

chapman stick/vocals/electronics (Maudlin Of The Well)

Greg Massi

guitars/vocals (Maudlin Of The Well)

Tim Byrnes


Former Members/Guests

John Carchia


Daniel Means


Ron Varod

guitars (ex-Sabbath Assembly)

Nicholas Kyte


Ryan McGuire


Patrick Wolff


Terran Olson

keyboards (Maudlin Of The Well)

Sam Gutterman

drums/vocals (Forlesen, Maudlin Of The Well)

Tom Malone


Charlie Zeleny

drums (ex-Blotted Science, ex-Behold The Arctopus)

David Bodie


Keith Abrams


Leo Didkovsky

drums (Liturgy)

Phillip Price


Forbes Graham


D. Thomas Murray


Mia Matsumiya



Choirs Of The Eye  
2003 Tzadik
  1. Marathon
  2. A Pitcher of Summer
  3. The Manifold Curiosity
  4. Wayfarer
  5. The Antique
  • Toby Driver
  • Greg Massi
  • Nicholas Kyte
  • Ryan McGuire
  • Sam Gutterman
  • Forbes Graham
  • Mia Matsumiya

Dowsing Anenome With Copper Tongue  
2006 Robotic Empire
  1. Gemini Becoming The Tripod
  2. Immortelle And Paper Caravelle
  3. Aura On An Asylum Wall
  4. On Limpid Form
  5. Amaranth The Peddler
  • Toby Driver
  • Greg Massi
  • John Carchia
  • Ryan McGuire
  • Tom Malone
  • Forbes Graham
  • D. Thomas Murray
  • Mia Matsumiya

Blue Lambency Downward  
2008 Hydra Head
  1. Blue Lambency Downward
  2. Clelia Walking
  3. Right Hand is the One I Want
  4. The Sow Submits
  5. The Awkward Windwheel
  6. The Useless Ladder
  7. Symmetrical Arizona
  • Toby Driver
  • Charlie Zeleny
  • Mia Matsumiya

Live In Bonn  

2010 Hydra Head
  1. Calonyction Girl
  2. Whisper Ineffable
  3. Abyss Hinge 1: Sleeping Birds Sighing in Roscolux
  4. Abyss Hinge 2: The Shrinking Armature
  5. Cartogram Out of Phase
  • Toby Driver
  • Daniel Means
  • Patrick Wolff
  • Terran Olson
  • David Bodie
  • Mia Matsumiya

Stained Glass  EP
  1. Stained Glass

Gamma Knife  
  1. Lethe
  2. Rite of Goetic Evocation
  3. Mirror Water, Lightning Night
  4. Ocellated God
  5. Gamma Knife
  • Toby Driver
  • Terran Olson
  • Keith Abrams
  • Mia Matsumiya

  1. The Black Stone
  2. Crown-In-The-Muck
  3. Thief
  4. Vision Adjustment to Another Wavelength
  5. Zlida Caosgi (To Water the Earth)
  6. The First Matter (Saturn in the Guise of Sadness)
  7. The Second Operation (Lunar Water)
  8. Floodgate
  9. And He Built Him a Boat
  10. Passing the River
  11. The Wait of the World
  • Toby Driver
  • Daniel Means
  • Ron Varod
  • Terran Olson
  • Keith Abrams
  • Mia Matsumiya
  • Tim Byrnes

Coffins On Io  
2014 Flenser
  1. The Mortality of Doves
  2. Offramp Cycle, Pattern 22
  3. Longtime Disturbance on the Miracle Mile
  4. Library Subterranean
  5. The Assassination of Adam
  6. Spirit Photography
  • Toby Driver
  • Daniel Means
  • Ron Varod
  • Keith Abrams
  • Tim Byrnes

Plastic House On Base Of Sky  
2016 Flenser
  1. Amalia's Theme
  2. All The Pain In All The Wide World
  3. Magnetism
  4. Rings Of Earth
  5. Brittle Urchin
  • Toby Driver
  • Daniel Means
  • Ron Varod
  • Keith Abrams

2019 Prophecy
  1. Ocean Cumulonimbus
  2. The Something Opal
  3. Lost Souls on Lonesome's Way
  4. Vanishing Act in Blinding Gray
  5. Turbine, Hook, and Haul
  6. Midnight Mystic Rise and Fall
  7. An Eye for a Lie
  8. Blasphemy: A Prophecy
  • Toby Driver
  • Ron Varod
  • Leo Didkovsky
  • Phillip Price
  • Tim Byrnes

Live At Reggie's, Chicago, March 21, 2014  LIVE

Moss Grew On The Swords And Plowshares Alike  
2021 Prophecy
  1. The Knight Errant
  2. Brethren of the Cross
  3. Void in Virgo (The Nature of Sacrifice)
  4. Spectrum of One Colour
  5. Get Out of the Tower
  6. The Necklace
  7. Epipsychidion

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