Origin: Los Angeles, California, USA  
Last update/review: April 3, 2002


Killingculture was a modern post-thrash band, with one-dimensional shouted hardcore-ish vocals that might remind one of Neurosis. There was some good aggressive riffing here but in general the songs were a bit too samey. The album was produced by Scott Ian (Anthrax) and in fact the band was managed by Billy Milano (M.O.D.), but saddled with a support-less record label, the band broke up soon after the album's release.

Last Lineup

Marcus Payton


Scott Sargeant

guitars (ex-Gack, ex-Laaz Rockit, ex-M.O.D., ex-Skinlab)

Paul Puljiz


Pat Magrath

drums (Prototype, ex-Steel Prophet)


1997 Edel
  1. Twins in human
  2. Resurrection 2000
  3. Live
  4. And hate
  5. Lockfist
  6. World attraction
  7. The line
  8. With strife
  9. Life by attrition
  10. Verse: 19
  11. Rhetoric god
  12. Slave of one
  13. Ironside
  14. (hidden bonus track)
  • Marcus Payton
  • Scott Sargeant
  • Paul Puljiz
  • Pat Magrath

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