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Killers was not the only band/project featuring vocalist Paul Di'Anno following his departure from Iron Maiden, and it wouldn't be the last, as he's released a new solo album since this band's span. For whatever reason, Di'Anno's post-Maiden career has been spotty at best, despite his solid vocal performances. Neither studio album here has much in common with Maiden whatsoever (even Di'Anno himself doesn't really sound quite the same), with Murder One sounding more American than British (mainstream-ish hard rock/metal) and Menace To Society switching gears by beefing up the sound with decided Pantera influences, a move that ultimately was as unnatural as one might suspect. Ultimately the band just didn't stand out much, and really wasn't all that well publicized, with Maiden fans probably being the only fans familiar with the band.

Note: no relation to Killers, the French speed metal band.

Last Lineup

Paul Di'Anno

vocals (ex-Iron Maiden, guest for Praying Mantis)

Cliff Evans

guitars (Tank, Tank (Tucker/Evans version))

Graham Bath

guitars (ex-Persian Risk)

Brad Weiseman


Steve Hopgood

drums (ex-Persian Risk, ex-Tank, ex-Tank (Tucker/Evans version))

Former Members/Guests

Nick Burr

guitars/backing vocals

Gavin Cooper

bass (ex-Weapon UK)


Murder One  
1992 Zoo
  1. Impaler
  2. The Beast Arises
  3. Children Of The Revolution
  4. S&M
  5. Takin' No Prisoners
  6. Marshall Lokjaw
  7. Protector
  8. Dream Keeper
  9. Awakening
  10. Remember Tomorrow
  • Paul Di'Anno
  • Cliff Evans
  • Nick Burr
  • Gavin Cooper
  • Steve Hopgood

Menace To Society  
1994 Bleeding Heart
  1. Advance And Be Recognized
  2. Die By The Gun
  3. Menace To Society
  4. ?
  5. Think Brutal
  6. Past Due
  7. Chemical Imbalance
  8. A Song For You
  9. Three Words
  10. Conscience
  11. City Of Fools
  • Paul Di'Anno
  • Cliff Evans
  • Gavin Cooper
  • Steve Hopgood

  1. Advance And Be Recognized
  2. Marshall Lokjaw
  3. The Beast
  4. Wrathchild
  5. A Song For You
  6. Three Words
  7. Impaler
  8. Murders In The Rue Morgue
  9. Children Of The Revolution
  10. Chemical Imbalance
  11. Remember Tomorrow
  12. Protector
  13. Die By The Gun
  14. Faith Healer
  15. Sanctuary
  16. Phantom Of The Opera
  • Paul Di'Anno
  • Cliff Evans
  • Graham Bath
  • Brad Weiseman
  • Steve Hopgood

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