Origin: Nice, France  
Genres: Traditional Metal
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Page online: April 24, 2007
Last update/review: April 24, 2007


One of a host of bands eager to show that France can produce quality metal bands, Kragens formed in 2000 by two guitarists, who were then joined on vocals by Renaud Espeche, who once drummed for the 80's band Demon Eyes. The band has released three albums to date, with the latest being Infight in 2007. Basically, almost every classic subgenre of metal, from power to thrash to prog to (almost) death, is represented somewhere here. Some of the credit here must go to vocalist Espeche, as he effortlessly mixes style from track (or even verse) to another. Take a listen to the title track – the verses are sung in an almost black metal snarl, with a few death growls mixed in, and then the chorus comes through with a clear, melodic yet forceful voice that any prog/power metal band would kill for. Clearly comparisons to any one other band aren’t applicable, though one band that does seem to come as an occasional soundalike is Nevermore, particularly during this band’s heavier, thrashier moments. Kragens is a classy, well-rounded band that deserves notice.

Last Lineup

Renaud Espeche


Gilles Giachino


Cedric Sellier


Denis Malek


Olivier Gavelle


Former Members/Guests

Ludwig Laperche



Dying In A Desert  
2004 Thundering
  1. Dying In A Desert
  2. Carnivore Ritual
  3. Kragens
  4. Fear
  5. Lords Of Chaos
  6. Metal Hunter
  7. Satan The Killer
  8. Nightmare
  9. Road warrior
  10. World Made Of Heroes
  11. Rise Up Your Fist To Fight
  12. Destroyin The Temple
  • Renaud Espeche
  • Ludwig Laperche
  • Cedric Sellier
  • Denis Malek
  • Olivier Gavelle

Seeds Of Pain  
2005 Locomotive
  1. Seeds Of Pain
  2. The Last
  3. Danger Of Death
  4. Darkness
  5. I Choose To Die
  6. Reconquista
  7. Dream In Black
  8. Over The Deadline
  9. Sonderkommandos Defy
  • Renaud Espeche
  • Ludwig Laperche
  • Cedric Sellier
  • Denis Malek
  • Olivier Gavelle

2007 Locomotive
  1. Deaf And Blind
  2. Lake Of Fire
  3. Angels Among Monsters
  4. Tyranny Of God
  5. Ten Treasons We Fight
  6. The Falling Man
  7. Only The Weak Survive
  8. Mask Of The Damned
  9. Metalize
  • Renaud Espeche
  • Gilles Giachino
  • Cedric Sellier
  • Denis Malek
  • Olivier Gavelle

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