Origin: Malmö, Sweden  
Genres: Hard Rock
Last update/review: March 8, 2015

Last Tribe

Last Tribe was formed in the late nineties by promising guitarist Magnus Karlsson, and have three albums released to date. Their style is traditional melodic metal with neoclassical tendencies with noticeable similarities to Yngwie Malmsteen throughout, both in the songwriting and in Karlsson's very capable soloing, as well as several nods towards American hard rock of 80's. The only downside is a lack of identity, as there are many bands playing this sort of music in Europe and there is little here to differentiate Last Tribe from its comtemporaries, but their albums are solid, professional and expertly recorded. Melodic mainstream metal fans will surely want to add this band to their listening collection.

Last Lineup

Rickard Bengtsson

vocals (ex-Armageddon, ex-Tristitia)

Magnus Karlsson

guitars/keyboards (ex-Midnight Sun, Primal Fear, Violent Work Of Art)

Dick Lövgren

bass (ex-Armageddon, Meshuggah)

Jaime Salazar

drums (ex-Midnight Sun)

Former Members/Guests

Lee Day


Par Wallmark


Kristoffer Andersson



The Ritual  
2001 Frontiers
  1. Spellbound
  2. Tears Of Gold
  3. Black Widow
  4. Made Of Stone
  5. Blood On Your Hands
  6. Falling
  7. Flying High
  8. One Of A Kind
  9. Ready For The Storm
  10. The Ritual
  • Rickard Bengtsson
  • Magnus Karlsson
  • Lee Day
  • Par Wallmark
  • Kristoffer Andersson

Witch Dance  
2002 Frontiers
  1. The Gathering
  2. Witch
  3. Messenger
  4. Bring Out The Brave
  5. Wash Your Sins Away
  6. Behind Your Eyes
  7. Wake Up The World
  8. Man Of Peace
  9. The Eternal Curse
  10. Agadir
  11. Dreamer
  • Rickard Bengtsson
  • Magnus Karlsson
  • Dick Lövgren
  • Jaime Salazar

The Uncrowned  
2003 Frontiers
  1. Healer
  2. The Uncrowned
  3. Sacrifice
  4. The Chosen One
  5. Otherworld
  6. April Sky
  7. Sound of Rain
  8. Only the Innocent
  9. Call of the Tribe
  10. Full Moon
  • Rickard Bengtsson
  • Magnus Karlsson
  • Dick Lövgren
  • Jaime Salazar

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