Origin: Cali, Colombia  
Genres: Power Metal
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Last update/review: March 8, 2015

Legend Maker

The BNR Metal Pages adds another new country to its ranks, as Legend Maker are the first band to be featured that hails from Colombia. Formed in 1994 in Cali, the band originally was called Mester De Juglaria, and sang entirely in Spanish. After a few years, a demo found its way to Sentinel Steel boss Denis Gulbey, a noted 80's metal enthusiast. Gulbey signed the band to his label, recommended the name change to Legend Maker and also introduced the band to American singer Michael Grant (later to be seen in Onward), and eventually the 6-track album The Path To Glory was released. Very much an 80's-inspired traditional metal affair, the style here is uptempo, melodic power metal, with a slight neoclassical influence (if one didn't know better and had to guess the band's origins, Italy might be a frequent answer). As with several albums in this genre (particularly debuts), there is a bit of a lack of distinctiveness and originality in the songwriting, though the potential to grow is certainly there. Since the release of the debut much of the lineup has shifted (including the departure of Grant, who was probably just a hired gun anyway). Yet they are still active, with a new album released in 2003.

Current Members

Diego Gomez


Mauricio Ochoa


Santiago Mendoza


Mauro Moncada


Luis Fernando Caballero


Fabio Gonzalez


Former Members/Guests

Michael Grant

vocals (ex-Crescent Shield, ex-Cypher Seer, ex-Onward) RIP: May 31, 2012, acute illness, age 39

Harold Del Castillo


Luis Carlos Ochoa


Fredy Olave



The Path To Glory  
1999 Sentinel Steel
  1. Leonelda
  2. Sands Of Time
  3. To Hell Or To Heaven
  4. Story
  5. Moon Seasons
  6. Last Chapter
  • Michael Grant
  • Mauricio Ochoa
  • Harold Del Castillo
  • Luis Carlos Ochoa
  • Luis Fernando Caballero
  • Fredy Olave

Lies Leading The Blind  
  1. As We Begin In Blindness
  2. Doomsday Bringer
  3. At The End (Millenium)
  4. Skies Of Scorpio Pt I: Sons Of The Moon
  5. Skies Of Scorpio Pt II: Age Of Battle
  6. Lies Leading The Blind
  7. Ficus
  8. Abandoned By Heaven
  9. Through The Mirror
  10. Labyrinth City
  • Diego Gomez
  • Mauricio Ochoa
  • Santiago Mendoza
  • Mauro Moncada
  • Luis Fernando Caballero
  • Fabio Gonzalez

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