Origin: New Haven, Connecticut, USA  
Genres: Viking Metal
Page online: February 7, 2015
Last update/review: February 7, 2015


First, this has nothing to do with the godly British band Legend that BNR readers should be well familiar with by now. With that out of the way ... Fröm The Fjörds is one of those albums that embodies the term "lost gem". This was truly ahead of its time in more ways that one, as no one was doing Viking-inspired metal in 1979. And this came from Connecticut no less! The style here is a kind of loose, jam-sessiony, dark epic metal, sort of like what bands like Brocas Helm attempted several years later. Also, for some reason, an album that comes to mind when listening to this is none other than Rush's Caress Of Steel -- it's not a soundalike, but there's a similar out-there mood that pervades several songs here. Musicianship-wise, you've got clear vocals, excellent riffing from both guitars and bass, and a completely over-the-top drum performance from one Raymond Frigon (there's even a full-on drum solo here showcasing his talents). Apparently only 500 vinyl copies of the album were made, and the band disappeared without a trace (the guitarist/vocalist passed away just four years later). Truly one of those hidden gems that is quite worthwhile seeking out.

Last Lineup

Kevin Nugent

guitars/vocals RIP: December 3, 1983, age 26

Fred Melillo


Raymond Frigon



Fröm The Fjörds  
  1. The Destroyer
  2. The Wizard's Vengeance
  3. The Golden Bell
  4. The Confrontation
  5. R.A.R.Z.
  6. Against the Gods
  7. The Iron Horse
  8. From the Fjords
  • Kevin Nugent
  • Fred Melillo
  • Raymond Frigon

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