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Lid featured Trouble vocalist Eric Wagner and Anathema guitarist Danial Cavanagh, releasing an album in 1997 during one of Trouble's down times. As one might expect given the band and album name (In The Mushroom), there's a clear psychedelic groove on display. The band is not as heavy as either Trouble or Anathema (though at times they sound somewhat like late-period Trouble), but they have a great sound, and Eric's distinctive vocals are in fine form. Though some talk was made concerning a second album, nothing ever materialized, and Wagner's inevitable return to the reformed Trouble meant the end of this project.

Last Lineup

Eric Wagner

vocals (ex-Blackfinger, ex-The Skull, ex-Trouble) RIP: August 22, 2021, COVID-19, age 62

Daniel Cavanagh

guitars (Anathema)

Tim Reeves


Tommy Reeves



In The Mushroom  
1997 Peaceville
  1. Lid
  2. Mary Agnes
  3. The Dream Is Over
  4. In The Mushroom
  5. Window Pain
  6. RX
  7. You Are Here
  8. Alive
  9. Randy Scouse Git
  10. For All My Life
  • Eric Wagner
  • Daniel Cavanagh
  • Tim Reeves
  • Tommy Reeves

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