Origin: N. Hollywood, California, USA  
Genres: Doom Metal
Last update/review: July 19, 2004

Lost Breed

Lost Breed was a Hellhound band, which traditionally means a doom band with at least a passing resemblance to old Black Sabbath. But, in somewhat the same way as labelmates Unorthodox, Lost Breed was less a Sabbath clone band and more a 70's-influenced garage hard rock/metal band. Save Yourself is one of the better Hellhound releases. Guitarist Eric Baestlein now plays in Blackjack Blades (link below).

Last Lineup

Pat Lydon


Eric Baestlein

lead guitar

Vinny Augustine


Jamie Silver



The Evil In You And Me  
1993 Hellhound
  1. Rescind The Horde
  2. King Of Electric
  3. Another Victim
  4. Coffin Cheater
  5. The Postman
  6. Soul Chariot
  7. Lost Breed
  8. The Evil In You And Me
  9. Nation's Song
  10. Say You Love Satan
  11. Storm Comes Down
  • Pat Lydon
  • Eric Baestlein
  • Vinny Augustine
  • Jamie Silver

Save Yourself  
1995 Hellhound
  1. Circles
  2. B.A.C. (What You Fear)
  3. The Gears
  4. Going Strong
  5. 472 C.I. Of Death
  6. Lease On Life
  7. Chop
  8. Dragon Of Chaos
  9. You Don't Need To Live
  10. Tonga Slut
  11. Simulator
  12. Up The Hill
  • Pat Lydon
  • Eric Baestlein
  • Vinny Augustine
  • Jamie Silver

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