Origin: Sweden  
Genres: Power Metal
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Last update/review: June 27, 2015

Lost Horizon

In the new millennium the supply of Euro speed/power metal bands has been an endless one. Coming across as an edgier, slightly heavier HammerFall, Lost Horizon had their act together, drawing from several familiar influences to produce one of the better albums in this genre, and certainly a fine start to a promising career. Their intriguing visual image (a sort of sci-fi/Mad Max look) and self-importance (as seen by their stage names, with overblown titles such as Ethereal Magnanimus and Transcendental Protagonist) gave them a bit of notoriety and helped them to stand out a bit from the pack. Overall these guys weren't trend-setters but they were an accomplished act in the speed/power metal field. They released two albums in 2001 and 2003 and as late as 2009 were working on a third, but they haven't been heard from since.

Last Lineup

Wojtek Lisicki


Martin Furängen


Attila Publik


Christian Nyquist


Former Members/Guests

Daniel Heiman


Fredrik Olsson



Awakening The World  
  1. The Quickening
  2. Heart of Storm
  3. Sworn In the Metal Wind
  4. The Song of Air
  5. World Through My Fateless Eyes
  6. Perfect Warrior
  7. Denial of Fate
  8. Welcome Back
  9. The Kingdom of My Will
  10. The Redintegration
  • Daniel Heiman
  • Wojtek Lisicki
  • Martin Furängen
  • Christian Nyquist

A Flame To The Ground Beneath  
2003 Music For Nations
  1. Transdimentional Revelation
  2. Pure
  3. Lost in the Depths of me
  4. Again will the Fire Burn
  5. The Song of Earth
  6. Cry of a Restless Soul
  7. Think Not Forever
  8. Highlander (The One)
  9. Deliverance
  • Daniel Heiman
  • Wojtek Lisicki
  • Fredrik Olsson
  • Martin Furängen
  • Attila Publik
  • Christian Nyquist
2003 Readers' Album #83

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