Origin: Clearwater, Florida, USA  
Genres: Hard Rock, Power Metal
Last update/review: March 8, 2015


Brutal is the first of two 1997 releases by the obscure band Loupgarou, a Florida outfit of which information is rather hard to come by. Their style straddled the line between hard rock and power metal, accessible yet not commercial, with mid-tempo driving rhythms and fine midrange vocals. Probably only of real interest to local fans, though in fact with some more exposure this would have appealled to many metal fans.

Last Lineup

Rob Carter


Wolfe Distorcio


Kevin Nashbar


Chris Kidd



1997 Coda
  1. Forewarned
  2. Dark Storm
  3. Initiate Torture
  4. Death Threat
  5. Goin Down
  6. Vicious Circle
  7. Dungeon Walls
  8. Hannibal
  9. Sister Dream
  • Rob Carter
  • Wolfe Distorcio
  • Kevin Nashbar
  • Chris Kidd

R.I.P. Roaring  
1997 Coda
  1. R.I.P. Roarin'
  2. Eternal Life
  3. Omega Man
  4. Happy Face
  5. Metal Luv Ride
  6. Cut Deep
  7. Mental Ward
  8. Petit Loup Sange
  9. The Burning Season
  10. Comforts Rage
  11. Phantasy Warpyard
  12. FUNG
  13. Flaming Arrow
  14. No Sanctuary
  15. French Riviera
  • Rob Carter
  • Wolfe Distorcio
  • Kevin Nashbar
  • Chris Kidd

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