Origin: Portugal  
Genres: Black Metal
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Lux Ferre

Lux Ferre is a Portuguese band formed in 2001. As heard on Antichristian War Propaganda, the first true album by the band (the other releases are splits and a demo pressed to CD), this is very much a true old-school black metal band, with the trademarks of the genre (buzzing guitars, semi-distant shrieked vocals, etc.) intact. Most of the songs here are quite fast, with the notable exception of "Brotherhood Of The Goat", which slows the pace though not the intensity. Lux Ferre's own songs don't really vary that much one from the other, and in general their style is all too similar to any number of mostly Norse bands -- as such, they aren't a must-listen, but for the true black metal crowd, they'll do quite nicely.

Current Members









Artur Pacheco


Former Members/Guests

Baal Sabbath


Lord Mantus



Wicked Riffs Of War  
2002 self-released
  1. Lux Ferre
  2. Realms of Fire
  3. Like Swords Ripping the Sky
  4. New Age Dominion
  5. The Return Of The Darkness And Evil
  6. Stick Thy Fate in God's Anal Cavity
  7. Exhumed Liver of Christ

Antichristian War Propaganda  
2004 Ketzer
  1. antichristian war propaganda (04 ketzer) (mp 151)
  2. Antichristian War Propaganda
  3. By My Grace... I Am Divine
  4. Corrosive Torment
  5. Next To Satan
  6. Achtung! (The Devil's Garden)
  7. Subvert (Denial's End)
  8. Summoning The Eternal Darkness
  9. Horns' Crush In Celebration
  10. Brotherhood Of The Goat
  • Baal Sabbath
  • Devasth
  • Lord Mantus

Atrae Materiae Monumentum  
2009 Ketzer
  1. O Caminho
  2. The Bell Of Fate
  3. Atrae Materiae Monumentum
  4. Correntes
  5. Pira
  6. Breu
  7. Thirst Of Despair
  8. Dormente
  • Vilkacis
  • Pestilens
  • Devasth

Excaecatio Lux Veritatis  
  1. A Luz Ofuscante da Verdade
  2. Não Há Salvação
  3. A Lenta Adaga da Morte
  4. Caos no Meu Sangue
  5. Canção da Loucura
  6. Miséria
  7. Mundo das Sombras
  8. Sob o Véu da Ignorância
  • Vilkacis
  • Pestilens
  • Devasth
  • Vagantis
  • Artur Pacheco

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