Origin: Sweden  
Last update/review: July 4, 2015

Mary Beats Jane

Kind of a curiosity here, a relatively unknown Swedish band with an odd name and an un-Swedish musical style, signing to a major label, even winning a Swedish Grammy award, and disappearing after releasing a couple of albums in the 90's. The music here was pretty heavy, post-thrash with vaguely hardcore-ish vocals and some intense riffing, with one similarity possibly being fellow Swedes Transport League. Vocalist Peter Dolving left to join The Haunted (and then left there, and then rejoined there, and then left there again), and he stated that Mary Beats Jane will not be resurrected.

Last Lineup

Peter Dolving

vocals (ex-The Haunted)

Urban Olsson


Magnus Nyberg


Bjarne Olsson


Peter Asp

drums (Bombus)


Mary Beats Jane  
1994 MVG
  1. Neighbourhood psycho
  2. This life
  3. Old
  4. Grind
  5. Blood and oil
  6. War on society
  7. Wasted
  8. Blind
  9. I don't care
  10. Hollowhead
  11. Porno
  12. Corn
  13. Gunshot
  14. CXXX CXXX Report
  • Peter Dolving
  • Urban Olsson
  • Magnus Nyberg
  • Bjarne Olsson
  • Peter Asp

1996 MVG
  1. Home comming
  2. Blackeye
  3. Pure
  4. Day in day out
  5. Dogrelish
  6. Fall
  7. Flowered
  8. Corrosion
  9. Cradlewake
  10. Cut
  11. Nail me
  • Peter Dolving
  • Urban Olsson
  • Magnus Nyberg
  • Bjarne Olsson
  • Peter Asp

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