Origin: Toronto, Ontario, Canada  
Genres: Industrial
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Last update/review: July 4, 2015

Monster Voodoo Machine

Monster Voodoo Machine had a varied career during the nineties. Suffersystem, likely their most well-known album, placed the band squarely in the Skrew camp of industrial metal, featuring the staples of the genre such as sampling, processed vocals, and thunderous riffing. Their later releases are not reviewed here, but according to reports, Pirate Satellite veered into techno territory and Direct Reaction Now was more in the mainstream metal/hardcore arena. After several breakups and reunions, it appears they are now truly disbanded for good.

Last Lineup

Adam Sewell


Darren Quinn


Jason Cuddy


Terry Landry


Victor Rebelo


Dean Bentley


Former Members/Guests

Mark Gibson



guitars (ex-Interzone, Soulstorm)

Chris Harris

bass (ex-Soulstorm)

Nick Sagias

bass (Soulstorm)

Stacey Hoskin


Drew Gauley

drums (ex-Interzone)

Dan Cornelius



Burn  EP
1992 Epidemic
  • Adam Sewell
  • Mark Gibson
  • Terry Landry
  • Drew Gauley

State Voodoo/State Control  EP
1992 D-Tribe/BMG
  • Adam Sewell
  • Darren Quinn
  • Jason Cuddy
  • Terry Landry
  • Stacey Hoskin
  • Dean Bentley

1994 D-Tribe/BMG
  1. Thread By Example
  2. Copper Theft
  3. Bastard Is As Bastard Does
  4. Motionless
  5. Inside These Walls (Salvaged And Recycled)
  6. Fetal Position
  7. Adding Insult To Injury
  8. Slowburn
  9. Removal
  10. Temple
  11. Defence Mechanism
  12. Sun Spots
  • Adam Sewell
  • Darren Quinn
  • Jason Cuddy
  • Terry Landry
  • Stacey Hoskin
  • Dean Bentley

Pirate Satellite  EP
1996 45 Revolutions
  • Adam Sewell
  • Darren Quinn
  • Jason Cuddy
  • Chris Harris
  • Nick Sagias

Direct Reaction Now!  
1998 Mercury
  1. Stealth M.F.
  2. Dragon style
  3. Every filthy angel
  4. Thorn
  5. Color my soul grey
  6. Slowmotion moonshine
  7. Gimme a riot
  8. 007 / shadow and echo
  9. I have seen the rise
  10. Crossroads
  11. The damage is done
  12. Rats eye view
  • Adam Sewell
  • Junior
  • Jason Cuddy
  • Nick Sagias
  • Dan Cornelius

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