Origin: Netherlands  
Genres: Thrash Metal
Page online: January 11, 2005
Last update/review: May 15, 2005


One of the few well-known Dutch thrash bands of the eighties, Mandator began life as Mysto Dysto, eventually recording their debut album, The Rules Have Been Disturbed, in 1986. Upon signing to Disaster Records, the band changed name to Mandator, the record label feeling the old name would be too hard to pronounce! As Mandator, two more albums were released in the late eighties before breaking up in the summer of 1990. Classic Germanic thrash was what the band delivered, sounding vaguely like early Destruction or at times a less vicious Kreator. Not quite the most unique band of their day, but they were pretty inventive and the musicianship was there -- a worthwhile band for thrash fans to track down.

Last Lineup

Marcel Verdurmen

guitars/vocals (ex-Orphanage)

Luit De Jong


Hette Bonnema


Walter Tjwa

drums (Sinister)

Former Members/Guests

Peter Meijering


Claus Van Den Berg



The Rules Have Been Disturbed  
1986 self-released
  1. Power Of The Law
  2. Confused
  3. Tarantula
  4. Atilla The Destructor
  5. Full Speed To Hell
  6. Indenter
  7. One Night Stand
  8. Visit Of The Vikings
  • Peter Meijering
  • Marcel Verdurmen
  • Luit De Jong
  • Claus Van Den Berg

Initial Velocity  
1988 Disaster
  1. Attilla
  2. Black Rose
  3. Faces Of Death
  4. Jack Boots And Leather Caps
  5. Power Of the Law
  6. Evil Dead
  7. Posers
  8. I Will Be Your Last
  • Marcel Verdurmen
  • Luit De Jong
  • Hette Bonnema
  • Claus Van Den Berg

Perfect Progeny  
  1. Stick Your Knife
  2. Coitus Interruptus
  3. Surrealistic Maneuvers
  4. A.I.D.S.
  5. Brain Desire
  6. Perfect Progeny
  7. Automatic Artillery
  8. Life is Calling
  • Marcel Verdurmen
  • Luit De Jong
  • Hette Bonnema
  • Walter Tjwa

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