Origin: Russia  
Genres: Gothic Metal
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Last update/review: December 2, 2012

Mental Home

Mental Home formed in Russia in 1993 and rose to prominence within their home country in a few years' time, eventually attracting the interest of The End Records (who released 1999's Black Art) and finally Century Media, resulting in their fourth and most mature album, Upon The Seas Of Inner Shores. Inner Shores is a fine slice of dark, elegant gothic metal, almost progressive at times, with vocals that might bring to mind later-period Sentenced. The musicianship is solid throughout, with the bassist and keyboardist deserving special marks for some inventive playing. Though the band hasn't been heard from in awhile, they are apparently active and working on a new release for either 2004 or 2005.

Current Members

Sergey Dmitriev


Sergey Kalachov

lead guitar

Alexander Tsvetkov


Michael Smirnoff


Igor Dmitriev


Former Members/Guests

Denis Samusev


Roman Povarov

lead guitar/keyboards


Mirrorland  EP
1995 Metal Agen
  1. Dreaming Beneath The Rain
  2. Amidst The Waves
  3. Drowned
  4. Mirrorland
  5. Cemetary Flowers (remix)
  6. Outro
  • Sergey Dmitriev
  • Denis Samusev
  • Roman Povarov
  • Igor Dmitriev

1996 Metal Agen
  1. Stranger Dove
  2. Southern Calm Waters
  3. Aevin.s Cave
  4. The Euphoria
  5. The Vale
  6. My Necklace
  7. Christmas Mercy
  8. Their Finest Voyage
  • Sergey Dmitriev
  • Sergey Kalachov
  • Denis Samusev
  • Roman Povarov
  • Igor Dmitriev

Black Art  
1999 The End
  1. Under The Wing
  2. The Plague Omen
  3. Into The Realms Of Marena
  4. Silent Remembrance
  5. In The Shades Of Inspiration
  6. Pagan Freedom
  7. Winter Art
  8. On A Hand Of The Universe
  9. Tides Of Time
  • Sergey Dmitriev
  • Sergey Kalachov
  • Denis Samusev
  • Michael Smirnoff
  • Igor Dmitriev

Upon The Seas Of Inner Shores  
2000 Century Media
  1. Downstairs
  2. Late To Revise
  3. Eternal Moan
  4. Bliss
  5. Against My Will
  6. Breakdown
  7. Stained
  8. Amidst The Waves '99
  • Sergey Dmitriev
  • Sergey Kalachov
  • Denis Samusev
  • Michael Smirnoff
  • Igor Dmitriev

2012 self-released
  • Sergey Dmitriev
  • Sergey Kalachov
  • Alexander Tsvetkov
  • Michael Smirnoff
  • Igor Dmitriev

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