Origin: Myrskylä, Finland  
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Misery Inc.

This Finnish group formed in 2001 and debuted with Yesterday's Grave in 2003, followed by Random End in 2006 and a final album BreedGreedBreed in 2007. The band mixed melodic death metal with aggressive dark metal quite effectively (some reference fellow Finns Sentenced, though not so much to these ears, as this is much faster overall). Few bands in this genre (or, for that matter, most metal genres) employ two vocalists, but it worked to their advantage here, as there were both fine vocal harmonies as well as clean/growly vocal interplay here. This was one of those bands firmly in the modern metal camp with a familiar style, yet by not really copying any other band or genre gave them a leg up on the competition. They apparently broke up around 2008.

Last Lineup

Niko Mankinen

vocals (Vertigo Steps)

Janne Tolonen


Teemu Ylämäki


Aki Heikinheimo


Joonas Kauppinen

drums (ex-Before The Dawn, Wolfheart)

Former Members/Guests

Jukkis Huuhtanen


Jules Näveri

vocals (Enemy Of The Sun)

Tommi Niemi


Jukka Keisala



Yesterday's Grave  
2004 ZYX
  1. Suicide Serenade
  2. Darkness
  3. Life Ain´t Fair
  4. Dilemma
  5. No More
  6. Through The Dark
  7. Darkest Night
  8. Prayer
  9. Share My Madness
  10. Fade Away
  • Jukkis Huuhtanen
  • Janne Tolonen
  • Teemu Ylämäki
  • Jukka Keisala
  • Joonas Kauppinen

Random End  
2006 Firebox
  1. Hymn For Life
  2. Fallen Rage
  3. Further Deeper
  4. Yesterday's Grave
  5. Apologies Denied
  6. Cyanide
  7. Source of Fatal Addiction
  8. Greed Rules The World
  9. Truth
  10. No Exuse For Weakness
  11. Out of Here Alive
  • Niko Mankinen
  • Jules Näveri
  • Janne Tolonen
  • Teemu Ylämäki
  • Aki Heikinheimo
  • Joonas Kauppinen

2007 Megamania
  1. Cheap Clone
  2. Blinded by Power
  3. Devil's Advocate
  4. Ticket but No Ride
  5. Fall of the Idol
  6. Prodigal Son
  7. Modern Day Human Waste
  8. Obsession
  9. New World Messiah
  10. After You
  11. Candyman
  12. They All Will Get What They Deserve
  • Niko Mankinen
  • Tommi Niemi
  • Janne Tolonen
  • Teemu Ylämäki
  • Aki Heikinheimo
  • Joonas Kauppinen

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