Origin: Poland  
Genres: Black Metal
Last update/review: October 12, 2010


Moon was originally a side project featuring two members of well-known Polish bands, Cezar (Christ Agony) and Doc (Vader). The first album was recorded with just those two and a guest keyboardist, but by the time of Satan's Wept Doc was gone and Cezar had recruited an entire new lineup. On Satan's Wept the focus is on fast-paced symphonic black metal, with plenty of (programmed?) double-bass drumming and layered keyboards atop typical black metal riffs. Cezar's vocals are sometimes of the generic black metal shrieking but more often are a midrange growl reminiscent of Cronos of Venom. Apparently the band didn't play live until the summer of 1999 and disbanded soon thereafter, with Cezar putting together an all-new lineup in 2009.

Current Members









Former Members/Guests

Doc (Krzysztof Raczkowski)

drums/programming (ex-Dies Irae, ex-Vader) RIP: August 19, 2005, heart failure, age 34



Blackie (Jaroslaw Mielczarek)

bass/backing vocals (ex-Christ Agony)




Daemon's Heart  
1997 Pagan
  1. The Shadow
  2. The Suffering
  3. Confession
  4. The Shining
  5. Daemon's Heart
  6. The Curse
  7. Sacrifice
  8. Scorn
  9. Unholyblood
  • Cezar
  • Doc

Satan's Wept  
1999 Pagan
  1. Devil's Path
  2. Lucifer's Light
  3. Fallen Angels
  4. The Awakening
  5. Magical Hallaways
  6. Chariots of War
  7. Summoning
  8. Satanica
  9. Unholy Throne
  10. Satan's Wept
  11. Night Eyes
  12. Baphomet's Snikes
  • Cezar
  • Heyron
  • Blackie
  • Mark

Lucifer's Horns  
2010 Witching Hour
  1. Summoning of Natan
  2. Lucifer's Horns
  3. Torches Begin to Burn
  4. Confined in Heaven
  5. Zwiastowanie Ognia
  6. The Book of Fire
  7. Night of the Serpent
  8. The Semen of Ye Old One
  9. Czarny Horyzont
  10. Summoning of Demons
  11. Daemons Heart
  • Cezar
  • Gonthy
  • Mscislaw
  • Wizun

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