Origin: England  
Genres: Doom Metal
Last update/review: January 7, 2001


Mourn is exactly the kind of band one might expect, given their name and the fact they are on the record label owned by Lee Dorrian (Cathedral) -- that being early-Sabbath inspired doom metal. Caroline Wilson's vocals are a nice touch -- she has a clear voice and her singing makes the band sound less dreary than other doom metal bands. Their self-titled album is not groundbreaking, but is enjoyable nevertheless. The band broke up some time after the release of the album.

Last Lineup

Caroline Wilson


Ali Reza Hakimi Ghazvini


William Palmer

guitars (ex-Sloth)

Steve Draysey


Mark Cronin

drums (ex-Hangnail)


1995 Rise Above
  1. Awakening
  2. Iron Sky
  3. Children of the Circle
  4. Drowning
  5. Through These Eyes
  6. Dreamless Sleep
  7. After All
  8. Forever More

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