Origin: Costa Mesa, California, USA  
Genres: Doomdeath
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Last update/review: August 20, 2012


Morgion was one of a number of doomdeath bands who take their cue from pioneers such as ranging from My Dying Bride or early Paradise Lost. For the genre, Solinari is one of the better efforts to be found, with a relaxed feel that helps them to avoid being too dreary, though they are still quite heavy and doomy. The band had an up-and-down career, recording sporadically over the years, with their last release, the well-received Cloaked By Ages, Crowned In Earth, released in 2004. They announced their amicable breakup in January of 2005, with some members no doubt to emerge in new projects in the future.

Last Lineup

Dwayne Boardman


Gary Griffith


Justin Christian

bass (ex-Keen Of The Crow)

Rhett Davis

drums (ex-Keen Of The Crow)

Former Members/Guests

Jeremy Peto


Bobby Thomas

guitars (ex-Eyes Of Fire)

Ed Parker



Among Majestic Ruin  
  1. Relic Of A Darkened Past
  2. In Ashen Tears
  3. Travesty
  4. Basking Under a Blacksun Dawning
  5. Invalid Prodigy
  • Jeremy Peto
  • Dwayne Boardman
  • Bobby Thomas
  • Ed Parker
  • Rhett Davis

1999 Relapse
  1. The serpentine's scroll/descent to Arawn
  2. Canticle
  3. Solinari
  4. Nightfall infernal
  5. All the glory
  6. All the loss
  7. Blight
  8. The last sunrise
  • Jeremy Peto
  • Dwayne Boardman
  • Gary Griffith
  • Rhett Davis

Cloaked By Ages, Crowned In Earth  
2004 Dark Symphonies
  1. Cloaked By Ages
  2. A Slow Succumbing
  3. Ebb Tide (Parts I & II)
  4. Trillium Rune
  5. The Mourner's Oak
  6. Cairn
  7. She, The Master Covets
  8. Crowned In Earth
  • Dwayne Boardman
  • Gary Griffith
  • Justin Christian
  • Rhett Davis

The Relapse Collection  COMPILATION
2008 Relapse
  1. The Serpentine Scrolls / Descent to Arawn
  2. Canticle
  3. Solinari
  4. Nightfall Infernal
  5. All the Glory...All the Loss
  6. Blight
  7. The Last Sunrise
  8. Mundane
  9. Symphonie der Gravens
  10. Canticle (unreleased version)
  11. Relic of a Darkened Past
  12. In Ashen Tears (Thus I Cry)
  13. Travesty
  14. Basking Under a Blacksun Dawning
  15. Invalid Prodigy
  16. Mundane (1995 demo)
  17. The Serpentine Scrolls / Descent to Arawn (1995 demo)
  18. Phoenix Moons (1995 demo)
  19. All the Glory...All the Loss (1998 rehearsal demo)

God Of Death & Disease  COMPILATION
  1. Intro / Drowning in Sorrow
  2. I the Skeptic
  3. In the Process
  4. Gothic Decorum
  5. Encased in Glass
  6. Chasm
  7. What Dwells Upon Man
  8. Wither the Storm
  9. Nomads of the Dawn
  10. Wither the Storm
  11. Nomads of the Dawn

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