Origin: France  
Genres: Power Metal
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Page online: April 30, 2008
Last update/review: December 6, 2009

Mystery Blue

Mystery Blue was one of a handful of French traditional metal bands to make a bit of noise in the mid-eighties, curiously one of the few French bands to appear on the cult French label Axe Killer with their debut album in 1984. Like a lot of young bands in those days, they flamed out after a time and split up after recording two albums. A decade later (1996), guitarist Frenzy Philippon recruited a new version of the band, now fronted by female vocalist Nathalie Geyer, and since then they've released three albums. Their latest, 2006's Claws Of Steel, show that they're still rooted in 80's traditional metal, European for sure but not the happy Germanic power metal style. Geyer's vocals are somewhat unique, and probably a polarizing element of the band (in other words, a love 'em or hate 'em proposition) -- she's clearly not an angelic soprano, and she's definitely not a death metal vocalist, instead she opts for a more traditional 80's screaming sound with some semi-operatic warbling thrown in. At times she's comfortable and confident and fits perfectly, at other times she's just a bit too much. She's really the only unique element to the band, as the music is competently written and played but really nothing unusual, even for power metal. So, not the most essential band on the planet, but enjoyable enough.

Current Members

Nathalie Geyer


Frenzy Philippon


Phil Blazek


Matt Gabnai


Vince Koehler


Former Members/Guests

Michel Torres


Yvan Bailbled


Patrick Faller


Danny Ohlmann


Rikki Mannhard

bass (Lonewolf)

Jean-Marc Gogel


Ricky Gassler



Mystery Blue  
1984 Axe Killer
  1. Rock 'n' Roll Heroes
  2. Paralysed
  3. And the Devil Dances
  4. Rock Fever
  5. Towers of Hell
  6. Victory in Defeat
  7. Looser
  8. Ride to Live, Live to Ride
  9. Trial
  • Michel Torres
  • Frenzy Philippon
  • Yvan Bailbled
  • Patrick Faller
  • Jean-Marc Gogel

Circle Of Shame  
1986 Dream
  1. Heavy and Loud
  2. To the Glory of Charles
  3. Circle of Shame
  4. Do it Good
  5. I'm in Heaven
  6. Victim or Guilty
  7. On the Road
  8. Vicious Game
  9. Behind the Blinding Light
  • Michel Torres
  • Frenzy Philippon
  • Yvan Bailbled
  • Patrick Faller
  • Jean-Marc Gogel

Spirit Of Your Song  
1998 Road Show
  1. The Gate (To Nowhere)
  2. The Devil Hides Out
  3. Tattoo Rock
  4. Spirit of Your Song
  5. Nature's in Love
  6. 42 to the City
  7. Don't Stop
  8. Slovenly Spirits
  9. Little Cloud
  10. Cats…
  11. You Can Do It, You Won't!
  12. Outback
  • Nathalie Geyer
  • Frenzy Philippon
  • Danny Ohlmann
  • Ricky Gassler

Metal Slaves  
2003 Road Show
  1. HumanE.T. (Nature's Despair)
  2. Slave To Blood
  3. S.T.A.G.E.
  4. Dark Visions
  5. Metal Dream
  6. Angel
  7. Roller Coaster Ride
  8. Desolation
  9. Land Of No Return
  10. Silent Whisper (Bloody Bastard)
  11. Cry Out
  • Nathalie Geyer
  • Frenzy Philippon
  • Danny Ohlmann
  • Vince Koehler

Claws Of Steel  
  1. The Twilight Zone
  2. Claws Of Steel
  3. Shades of Death
  4. Electric Power
  5. Psycho City
  6. Destructive Instinct
  7. The Blade
  8. Queen Of The Damned
  9. Hidden World
  10. Fuego
  11. Contagius
  • Nathalie Geyer
  • Frenzy Philippon
  • Rikki Mannhard
  • Vince Koehler

Hell And Fury  
2009 Bernett
  1. The Night Before
  2. Hell & Fury
  3. Endangering Species
  4. Welcome to Chaos
  5. Metal Attack
  6. No Way Out
  7. Fate
  8. Piece of Eternity
  9. Nuclear Skies
  10. The Deadly Nightshade
  11. When Time is Pain
  • Nathalie Geyer
  • Frenzy Philippon
  • Rikki Mannhard
  • Vince Koehler

Conquer The World  
2012 Road Show
  1. Conquer the World
  2. Innocent Crime
  3. Running with the Pack
  4. Evil Spell
  5. Cruel Obession
  6. Ticket to Hell
  7. Keep On Dreaming
  8. Road of Despair
  9. Behind Those Walls
  10. Guardian Angel
  • Nathalie Geyer
  • Frenzy Philippon
  • Phil Blazek
  • Matt Gabnai
  • Vince Koehler

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