Origin: Vikersund, Norway  
Genres: Black Metal, Death Metal
Last update/review: November 1, 2002


Myrkskog was formed in 1993 and toiled in the black metal undergrond before finally recording their debut album, Deathmachine, in 2000. And quite the scorcher it is, a monstrous, powerful black/death mixture which slots the band nicely alongside Zyklon and Susperia. Brutal, vicious, and unrelenting, these guys mean business. And though hardly the band's main focus, the techno remix of the song "Syndrome 9" (titled "Pilar Construction") that closes the album is very, very cool indeed -- here a comparison might be made to ... And Oceans, who had a similar techno remix on one of their recent albums. With a second album, Superior Massacre, just released, Myrkskog's non-stop extreme metal onslaught continues.

Current Members






drums (Grimfist, ex-Zyklon)

Former Members/Guests

Master V


Savant M (Haakon Forwald)

guitars (Disiplin)


2000 Candlelight
  1. Discipline Misanthropy
  2. The Hate Syndicate
  3. A Poignant Scenario Of Horror
  4. Sinthetic Lifeworm
  5. Syndrome 9
  6. Morphine Mangled Torture
  7. Deathfare To The Devil
  8. Deathmachine
  9. Pilar Deconstruction
  • Master V
  • Destructhor
  • Savant M
  • Sechtdamon

Superior Massacre  
2002 Candlelight
  1. Intro
  2. Domain Of The Superior
  3. Detain The Skin
  4. Trapped In Torment
  5. Indisposable Deaths
  6. Over The Gore
  7. Blood Ejaculation
  8. Utter Human Murder
  9. Bleeding Wrist
  10. Outro
  • Destructhor
  • Demariel
  • Sechtdamon

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