Origin: England  
Genres: Sludge Metal
Last update/review: February 3, 2003


Nailbomb was a short-term collaboration between Alex Newport (then in Fudge Tunnel, later of Theory Of Ruin) and Max Cavalera (then in Sepultura, now in Soulfly), with the results being more or less what one might expect, that being a sludge/thrash combination (more often resembling Fudge Tunnel) with the occasional drum machine and sample that might remind one of Ministry or Godflesh. They released one studio album and then a mostly live album before officially discontinuing the project.

Last Lineup

Alex Newport

guitars/bass/samples (ex-Fudge Tunnel, ex-Theory Of Ruin)

Max Cavalera

guitars/bass/samples (Cavalera Conspiracy, Killer Be Killed, ex-Sepultura, Soulfly)


Point Blank  
1994 Roadrunner
  1. Wasting away
  2. Vai toma no c?
  3. 24 hour bullshit
  4. Guerillas
  5. Blind and lost
  6. Sum of your achievements
  7. Cockroaches
  8. For fuck's sake
  9. World of shit
  10. Exploitation
  11. Religious cancer
  12. Shit pinata
  13. Sick life
1994 Readers' Album #11

Proud To Commit Commercial Suicide  
1995 Roadrunner
  1. Wasting away
  2. Guerrillas
  3. Cockroaches
  4. Vai toma no cu
  5. Sum of your achievements
  6. Religious cancer
  7. Police truck
  8. Exploitation
  9. World of shit
  10. Blind and lost
  11. Sick life
  12. While you sleep, I destroy your world
  13. Zero tolerance

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