Origin: New Jersey, USA  
Last update/review: April 22, 2001


Non-Fiction was formed from the ashes of Hades, when founder Dan Lorenzo decided to go in a slightly different direction. The band's sound retains some of the Hades style and energy, but in general this band is slower and grungier, crossing a bit of slower thrash with a noticeable Soundgarden vibe. Vocalist Alan Tecchio has done great work in several bands, but this is arguably his best effort, as he sounds more at home here than he did with either Hades or Watchtower. Three fine albums were recorded in the nineties, but by 1998 the band was done, and Lorenzo and Tecchio were back in the reformed Hades.

Last Lineup

Alan Tecchio

vocals (ex-Hades, ex-Power, ex-Seven Witches, ex-Watchtower)

Dan Lorenzo

guitars (ex-The Cursed, ex-Hades)

Kevin Bolembach

bass (ex-Seven Witches)

Mike Cristi

drums (ex-The Cursed)

Former Members/Guests

Dan Nastasi


Damon Trotta

bass (ex-System Addict)


Non-Fiction  EP
1989 Plastic Head
  1. Turn The Page
  2. Time
  3. The My Way
  4. That Voice
  5. Not To Be
  6. Know You Like A Book
  7. Black
  • Dan Lorenzo
  • Dan Nastasi
  • Damon Trotta
  • Mike Cristi

1991 Grand Slamm
  1. Put It Off
  2. I Hate To Tell You
  3. Listen
  4. Down
  5. Mortify Me
  6. Not A Part Of Your Life
  7. Farewell To Wellfare
  8. The My Way
  9. Could've
  10. Aged
  11. I Am What I Am For Now
  12. True/False
  13. Peaked
  14. Look At It
  15. Less Than Meets The Eye
  • Alan Tecchio
  • Dan Lorenzo
  • Kevin Bolembach
  • Mike Cristi

In The Know  
1992 Grand Slamm
  1. Preface
  2. In The Know
  3. First And Lasting Impressions
  4. Acceptance
  5. A Million Tears Ago
  6. Next To Nothing
  7. Reason To Die
  8. Reason To Live
  9. All My Needs
  10. Peaked
  11. No Comment
  12. Sound Decisions
  13. The Naked Truth
  14. One Last Time
  • Alan Tecchio
  • Dan Lorenzo
  • Kevin Bolembach
  • Mike Cristi

It's A Wonderful Lie  
1996 Steamhammer/SPV
  1. Love, Liking, Nothing
  2. Somehow
  3. Sad And Done
  4. A Version
  5. Big Blue Flu
  6. Into The Ground
  7. Reasons
  8. Mortify Me
  9. I Am What I Am For Now
  10. Furious
  11. Chipmunk Funk
  • Alan Tecchio
  • Dan Lorenzo
  • Kevin Bolembach
  • Mike Cristi

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