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Noekk is manned by a pair of musicians who were last seen together in the unique band known as Empyrium. That group was put to rest based on the claim that there was nothing left to accomplish, and that sentiment appears to hold here, since Noekk has very little in common with Empyrium, or with any other band for that matter. The style here is rather strange, consisting of a bit of dark prog rock/metal, plenty of ambient moments, and in general a rather doomy feel (though not doom metal in the traditional sense), with Thomas Helm's semi-operatic, semi-baritone vocals lending the right touch of gloom and mysticism to the proceedings. There are metallic elements sprinkled throughout, but labelling Noekk a metal band would be a stretch. Having said that, their style is intriguing, and some left-field metal fans might find them of interest.

Current Members

F.F. Yugoth (Markus Stock)

drums/bass/guitars (ex-Autumnblaze, Empyrium, Ewigheim, The Vision Bleak)

Funghus Baldachin (Thomas Helm)

vocals/keyboards/guitars (Empyrium)


The Water Sprite  
2005 Prophecy
  1. The Watersprite
  2. T.B.'s Notion
  3. Strange Mountain
  4. How Fortunate The Man With None
  5. The Fiery Flower
  6. Moonface Is Dead
  7. The Riddle Seeker
  • F.F. Yugoth
  • Funghus Baldachin

The Grimalkin  
2006 Prophecy
  1. The Albatross
  2. The Grimalkin
  3. Codex Deserta
  • F.F. Yugoth
  • Funghus Baldachin

The Minstrel's Curse  
2008 Prophecy
  1. The Minstrel's Curse
  2. Song of Durin
  3. How long is ever
  4. The Rumour and the Giantess
  • F.F. Yugoth
  • Funghus Baldachin

Carol Stones And Elder Rock  
2018 Prophecy
  1. A Loss
  2. Pan
  3. A Vision
  4. Archaic Tune
  • F.F. Yugoth
  • Funghus Baldachin

Waltzing In Obscurity  
2019 Prophecy
  1. Waltzing in Obscurity
  2. Perseus
  3. The Mirror
  4. The Giant
  5. On Summits
  6. Mortlach
  7. The Windwaker
  8. The Secret Beaker
  9. The Lily of Reverence
  10. The Poet's Curse
  • F.F. Yugoth
  • Funghus Baldachin

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